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Invite to YOUR Life T.V: How to Choose, Transition & Change With Power

March 6th, 2013 | no comments

It’s Wake Up Wednesday!

Jey & Shay Show You How to Choose, Transition & Change With Power

Oh, yeah, baby… We are BACK in Action!

And we are ready to guide you on your way to creating the life you deserve in a body you love.

We believe you can! And so will you.

We know you know, Coach Jey & Shay took a brief hiatus from Wake Up Wednesdays here on Invite to Your Life T.V. to do some re-grouping, re-working and re-creating of our own. We have really appreciated the love notes, pleading for a swift return and messages of support from our friends and online community.

It was a comfort to know that we were missed, because we missed you too! Thank you so much for allowing US the space to grow! We are back in action mode and ready to rock your world with new content, an upcoming LIVE re: Create masterclass and some pretty sweet surprises up our sleeves for you in the very near future.

Can you believe it’s March already!?


Time flies by so quickly and as it does it brings along new opportunities and experiences that shape our existence and even redefine our personal journeys. We know you’ve set some big goals and dreams up for yourself this year and hopefully you took the time to craft your theme for 2013. Now is the perfect time to check in with yourself.


Are you living your PURPOSE?

Are you creating from your PERSONAL POWER?

Are your ACTIONS in line with your GOALS?


OR has all the hullabaloo of life left you feeling a bit anxious, fearful, wrapped up in the details and worried about all the HOWS?

Let’s all take a deep breath together… (ready, inhale here!) and reconnect to our WHY (exhale here).

In this week’s Welcome Back video Jey & Shay share what WE learned from our clients and what inspired US during our first ever 4 week re: Create Masterclass in NYC. And we talk to YOU about how to navigate through personal and professional transitions in your own life. We are each facing transitions of our own that will change both our friendship and working relationship. There are a great deal of HOWS up in the air. Not to mention WHERE and WHEN. Will we go on auto-pilot? Change direction and take the easy way? Give in to worry and fear? Find out now! Watch this weeks episode above!


Don’t forget, we want to hear from you! In the comments section below, share your WHY with the community. We’ll help keep you accountable to your deepest desires and avoid shifting into auto-pilot.

Can’t recall what your WHY is? Uh-oh. No worries. Take out a sheet of paper and write down all your big “To Dos,” that messy pile of HOWS and all the details that seem to be clouding your vision, your time and causing some worry or doubt. Then read through the list. What is the through line… WHY are you doing all the STUFF. Oh yeah….

I am doing X, Y & Z because I want _______.”


Be sure to tune in next week, for more info about April’s re: Create Masterclass, how you can sign up, save some money, make some money and learn new tools to make the transition into creating a life and a career that is a manifestation of your personality and your own personal power!

Connect with us on twitter! Here is this weeks “Tweetspiration”

“@rsvpwjey @shaykostabi: When you are connected to your WHY – the HOW, WHEN, WHERE become more manageable and a little less scary. #invite2urlifeTV”


Want priority Notification the second re:Create Masterclass is open?





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