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It’s here! The Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge Podcast!

November 26th, 2019 | no comments

I’m writing to you today from a place of wholeness, excitement and vulnerability.

Wholeness because I’m committed to experiencing the holidays with grace and presence. I realize I’m capable of being a playful mom, running my business with feminine flow, french kissing my hubby under the mistletoe, and taking care of myself. Yes, even with all the parties, end-of-year deadlines and emotional family moments to come.

Excitement because this morning we opened the registration for this year’s Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge Podcast — and I created this special audio note for you!

And vulnerability as I reflect on how much I exposed myself and put my whole heart into the brand new rituals we created for you. You’re about to sign up for an experience with influential women leaders that will change your life and the way you feel during the holidays!

holiday challenge podcast

So what’s different about the Challenge this year?
  • We’ve gone podcast style! It’s easy to access and download the short audios

  • The challenge will run for 14 days so it’s easy to commit to and complete

  • We begin together on December 2nd

I’m devoted to making sure the women I’m here to serve and support can sense the devotion, sisterhood, and connection I feel towards them. As part of my community, that includes you too. Listen in now and I’ll explain what I mean.

Most women feel they have to suck it up and put their desires on hold during the holidays.

I believe this is the most important time of year to have all the inner work you have been doing on the inside match your outside life experience. This is a time to tune in, slow down, and act with intention. This is the time where your soul and your purpose can come out and into your experiences with family and work. I say more about that in this short audio.

Have you heard that women who know their purpose and pursue their calling achieve true financial freedom and abundance as a tangible result? Don’t take my word for it, ask one of the celebrity life coaches featured in this year’s FREE Holiday Challenge Podcast who have gathered to share an intimate conversation with you, in honor of making money doing work you love.

It made me think a little deeper about the choice to “just get by during the holidays” and how we let stress dictate our life experience. If we choose to just get by during the holidays (and yes it IS a choice), aren’t we choosing to start a brand-new year with a mediocre abundance mindset and a lack of commitment to our bigger dreams?

I am not signing up for that. To turn 2019 around, we’ve got to begin with deeper intention and a foundation of strong resources and support. I’m choosing the energy of commitment to self-care, my soulful dreams, and a sense of leadership in my life, right now.

Plus a little sprinkle of grace and ease would be nice around the holiday season too. RIGHT?!? And joy. I want JOY. I choose joy. Do you want to try this out with me?

Since you’re part of my inner circle, there’s a good chance you’re either curious about becoming a coach, or you’re already a coach and you want to grow your coaching skills by prioritizing self care, brilliantly creating freedom in your life, and serving your clients with a clear message and brand.

This year I’m sharing the most important process I discovered was key to creating a dream career my first year in business, filling my practice confidently, and helping hundreds of women around the world to achieve financial freedom in the first 14 months of becoming a coach. I’m here to support you with choosing yourself and your dreams during the most important time of year.

In fact, it’s the foundation of my signature life coach training program, Mentor Masterclass.

And as part of the Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge Podcast, I’m teaching this soulful process to my sisters around the world – for free!

I’ll tell you more when you listen to this short audio note.

holiday challenge podcast

The process you’ll learn is designed for women who are tired of the masculine “striving” model. Instead, it’s for women – my sisters – who are looking for ease, flow, freedom, and femininity.

It’s not about “going through the steps to make money.” It’s about being aligned with heart-centered choices so you’re open and ready for life’s possibilities. For yourself, and in service to others. If that sounds like you, then listen here to learn more.

My intention this year is to fill the Challenge with love, sisterhood, and celebration. You can think of it as an escape and a gift, rather than another burdensome “to-do” item.

Because it’s about leaning in, receiving support, and sharing our belief in community during this special time of year.

This year the challenge is EXTRA special! Here a couple other new things about the podcast style challenge:

  • You get instant access to all of the rituals TODAY. We gathered our favorite daily ritual challenges from the past five years and turned it into a simple, go-at-your-own-pace

  • You decide which rituals/mentor challenges you want to complete (and how many!)

  • We’re giving away a full-ride scholarship to Mentor Masterclass, additional partial scholarships, luxury all inclusive retreats — and prizes like you’ve NEVER seen before

And, you’ll learn more about the details of this years holiday challenge podcast in this audio, too.

The actions we’ll take together each day are the exact practices that enabled me to create complete financial security and the time freedom to start a family and travel with them while I do meaningful work in the world.

And I want to support you in everything you can do now to make freedom your reality in 2020!

Let me tell you, this is a dream worth celebrating! It took a lot of inner work and courageous action to get here. I’ll be revealing the details of exactly what I did to create this dream life throughout the challenge!

So, love, please consider this my personal invitation to join us now.

I look forward to connecting in a deeply heartfelt way during this very special season.

All my love,


If you’re curious but don’t have time right now to listen, all you have to do is click here to learn more and sign up. We’ll send you all the info you need to make your decision. If you change your mind about joining, it’s just one click to opt out.

Even if you don’t sign up for the Challenge, the audio is worth listening to anyway. I share some great insights that will help you move through the holidays with a sense of ease and new possibility. Listen to the short audio note I made for you here. 🙂



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