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It’s not too late to join us in The Heartwork Collective!

December 1st, 2020 | no comments

Right now I’m doing one of my very favorite new things… I’m creating completely custom content for the members of The Heartwork Collective®. It’s all based on the feedback they’ve shared in the emergent survey.

Would you like to weigh in and share what would help you most as you finish up 2020? It’s not too late!

Each month, as a member of The Heartwork Collective® you’ll share your challenges, inspirations, interests, and edges with me in our emergent survey. I’ve carefully crafted these questions — and after 10 years of asking questions as a career, I know how to take you straight to the core of what you want… all through a simple set of questions!

I’ll then use what you share with me in the survey to curate training, events, how-tos, divine feminine archetypes, and sacred practices that support you and the collective.

I’ve learned to meet life head-on with what is in front of us — it’s part of the powerful process of emergence.

With five years of experience transforming women’s lives through a holiday ritual to create a live, emergent , interactive new holiday challenge and they can be a part of it right now.

The content, themes for the month, even the timing of our calls, are all true to what’s present, confronting, challenging, inspiring — and in need of attention in your life right now….

It’s not too late to join us in The Heartwork Collective.

The moment you join, you’ll receive instant access to the Heartwork Collective Membership Vault — every member’s-only past workshop, live event recording, bonus content, rituals and more.

Even in uncertain times like these, you’re meant to do so much more than react to your environment and ride life’s ups and downs.

You deserve the support you need to take ownership of your choices — and navigate a world of unlimited possibilities as you lead from your heart and take your place in the collective…

You’ll receive:

  • Two empowering 1-hour live calls each month

  • A rejuvenating quarterly retreat

  • And plenty of surprise bonuses along the way…

You’ll soak up the support of mentors, high-level coaching techniques, and an incredible sisterhood — and become fully embodied in the practice of emergent leadership.

I’ll guide you to connect with your heart, get out of the limited mind, and ground even your cloudiest ideas into easeful creation…

And this month is your last chance to join The Heartwork Collective® at the founding member’s price. Membership rates will increase in January 2021 — but you’ll have your founding members’ rate locked in for life if you join now.

Get more details and start your Heartwork Collective® trial membership.

All my love,


P.S. Have you heard about The Heartwork Holiday? It’s our new ritual inside the Heartwork Collective®!

It’s seven days of nourishment, joy, balance, and sisterhood.

The seven 30-minute lunchtime calls (each with a soulful celebrity mentor guest!) are easy to fit right into your life.

Be sure to start your Heartwork Collective® trial membership by December 6 at 5:00pm Eastern so you’ll automatically save your spot in the Heartwork Holiday.

When you join the Heartwork Collective®, you can join for the month of December for only $44 — and cancel anytime, if you’d like to be a member for the Heartwork Holiday only.

You’ll also receive the live calls, daily practices, all recordings, AND the virtual Winter Solstice Retreat.

We start the Heartwork Holiday on December 7!


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