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How to Stop Feeling Responsible For EVERYTHING

September 8th, 2020 | no comments

When September hits, all I can think about is how depressed I’ll be in February. I’m really not a cold weather girl. I know I’ve gotta snap out of it — and I know exactly what I need.

Have you been feeling it? Are your high vibes slowly fading into fear of the dark unknown?

I’m coming in H🔥T with exciting news about an Autumn Equinox virtual retreat I’ll be leading in a couple weeks! (invite for you is below)

As summer leaves and fall takes its place, a sense of anxiety and overwhelm pops up for many of the women I work with. It happens every year.

It’s directly related to how we’ve been brainwashed by the patriarchy into an obsession with productivity. As women, this subliminal messaging nudges us to put ourselves on hold and burn ourselves out. It seems to hit most mommas and business women hardest during fall, one of the most beautiful seasons of the year.

I have moments where I feel REALLY selfish for taking time for myself:

  • I feel CEO guilt when I’m not consistently engaging with my clients.

  • I feel mom guilt and question whether I’m doing enough to prepare my daughter Violet to start Kindergarten under the crazy circumstances of a worldwide pandemic (My husband and I feel good about our decision to send her to in-person school because she really needs to be around other children — still, the anxiety is real.)

  • Focusing on finding a new home to ground us during this time has felt like a full-time job, and sometimes a waste of my time (because the market is soo crazy).

While it’s inspiring to look at how the external world has changed so much for women.. We have access to more freedom, so many women are kicking ass in their businesses — we even have a woman running for vice president!

But women are still weighed down with worry as we do our best to meet the unrealistic expectations our culture has put on us.

If we’re not doing the work to get centered, we can’t help but take responsibility for everything in our home — and in the outside world, too..

I recently went for a walk in nature with my daughter Autumn strapped to me, to intentionally nourish myself and get centered.

As we stood in the rain, I reflected and listened to the guidance of Mother Nature. I felt so much clearer as I let myself move through the emotional journey of the excitement that I’d felt when I’d found an amazing home — and my crushing disappointment when we got the news that they accepted another offer.

If we take the time to listen, Mother Nature has plenty to tell us during this season. Our emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies respond to her language with a deep wisdom that’s guided me to some of the most beautiful experiences and accomplishments I’ve had in my life.

She’s reminding us (at least metaphorically) that it’s important to honor the balance of the light and dark as we move toward winter and approach the Autumn Equinox.

Every year I intentionally create space to become conscious of internal and external energy and intentions — to realign with mother earth, connect to the spiritual meaning of the seasons, and take time for myself.

It’s a beautiful process, and a well-deserved celebration that sets me up for the kind of Winter experience I crave.

Will you celebrate along with me this year? Take time for yourself so you don’t waste this beautiful season and are able to face this second half of 20/20 with a nourished presence!

Join me, along with our sisterhood from around the world, for the Autumn Equinox Virtual Sisterhood Retreat. It’s Sunday, September 27 from 3:00 – 5:30 PM Eastern.

Admission to this virtual retreat would normally cost $159 — but right now this retreat is completely free with your Heartwork Collective® trial membership…

When you start your free trial of the Heartwork Collective® now, you won’t have to pay a thing until October 5th. Until then you can enjoy your trial membership and grow yourself, your business, and your impact — as you meet the challenge of change with personal healing and heart-centered strategy. You can cancel your membership anytime.

Autumn Equinox

Learning to heal our relationship to productivity and anxiety during the Autumn Equinox is pivotal, and allows us to prepare for what’s ahead. This inner awakening can open the door so we’ll stop holding it all, powering through and putting ourselves last….

Let’s gather to reflect and honor the gifts of equal parts light and dark— and take time for harvesting gratitude for the efforts and intentions that you set earlier in the year… before you knew what was about to hit you.

Wouldn’t it feel good to actually slow down enough to process it all before you go into the last quarter of the year?

What does the Autumn Equinox mean for you this year? You’ll have a chance to feel into this during our retreat.

You may feel called to honor all that you have in your life — and shift your consciousness from one of lack, to one of prosperity and gratitude…

No matter what you discover about its meaning for you, we’ll move through it all together…. As you experience what it’s like to be a Heartwork Collective® member!

Admission to this virtual retreat would normally cost $159 — but right now it’s completely free with your no-strings-attached Heartwork Collective® trial membership.

Set aside two and a half hours and join us on this virtual retreat.

Autumn Equinox Sisterhood Retreat


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