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Joining a mastermind changed my life forever. And I’ve created a new one for YOU.

March 5th, 2019 | no comments

If you’re reading this, you are a part of a sisterhood and circle of women around the world that values growth, self-discovery and feminine leadership.

You are a woman I trust with my heart, my creations in the world, my desires, my dreams, my service, and my sovereignty.

It is with you that I’m willing to surrender and receive. It is for you that I create everything. And it’s your consciousness connected to mine that I’m committed to.

I want to talk about the power of masterminds for women.

My first year in a mastermind was absolutely life-changing. Truth be told, I became interested in the mastermind because I found a mentor who had the life and business model that I wanted. I saw her as authentically living the life she taught. I wanted a mentor I trusted, who would support me and know me intimately — Nisha Moodley was that woman for me.  

It’s a waste of money to invest in mentors who are too busy, too big, or teaching the same thing for too many years.  

They don’t have the time or emotional range to get to know you intimately, they aren’t as passionate or connected to what they’re teaching, and they’re working on bigger, more expansive work.  

Finding the right mentor at the right time was a gift. For this, I am incredibly grateful. It’s been a turning point in my life and business. Here’s why…

I was very clear that I wanted a lifelong mentor. A woman I could count on for support, who would know my business from the start. Many years later, she’d still be there through my massive impact on the world and my success. This tiny vision that turned into a physical reality of changing lives.  

I wanted someone who was doing the deep work and could introduce me to deeper healing and bigger industry connections. I wanted to be an insider. So I made the decision to join a mastermind held by my mentor, Nisha. During that year I spent masterminding with her and a powerful sisterhood, I also invested in every other program she encouraged me to.

One of the programs I invested in was a trip to Peru with Nisha where I was able to do the deepest healing I’ve ever experienced, with a Shaman through working with the plant medicines Ayuhasca and San Pedro.

I also took her lead and invested in The Priestess Mysterium where I learned what it means to walk the priestess path and use archetypal healing.

These two decisions changed everything for me.

I’ve healed deep wounds and traumas around my relationship with my mother that had been affecting my ability to surrender and receive in the world. The Shaman took me through plant medicine journeys that unlocked healing visions that have allowed me to rewire my neuro pathways.

This journey led me to reconnect with my mother in an intimate way. It’s especially meaningful to me now, since this year I lost my mother to a tragic death. This type of healing is the equivalent of six years of therapy in one evening of deep work with the shaman and the plants. I never would have found my path to this resource without joining a mastermind first.

The sisterhood and in-person retreats within the mastermind, as well as consistent community support held in a sacred container, are what helped me process all of the light and shadow qualities that were coming up as a result of those two healings in my life.  

And that healing is what led me to launch my first program that brought in over $190,000 the first month I launched it.

Rising into my next level of time freedom, financial abundance, and complete inner clarity has always required two things: sisterhood and a held container. I’ve found no better way to achieve this quickly than through a mastermind and in-person circle work.

For the past five years I’ve led a mastermind for women who feel called to work with me more closely and experience the captivating sisterhood I help women create. My mastermind for 2019 sold out before I could even launch it publicly!

Now I’m feeling deeply called to share the mastermind experience with you through new training with a very intimate circle of women who are ready for that next leap.  

I’ve created something women have been asking me for, for years — it’s something I can’t find in the world right now…

It’s a way for you to work with women who are THE BEST at what they do. Experts in the field, really living the lives they’re teaching, who are willing to put in the elbow grease to take you internally home into deep healing. To know you, love and support you deeply, and really provide the connections and resources to take your business to the next level — all at a lower commitment level of money and time.

The Sisterhood Mastermind: Virtual Transcendence is a private, carefully curated business + life design Mastermind for exceptional women who are ready to take a soulistic approach to work and life together in 2019.

Continue to become:  A woman awake in her femininity. A spiritual activist doing the work of the Divine in the world. A seeker. A mystic. A poetess. A dancer. A lover. A warrior. A mother. A sorceress. Allow all of the ways of the goddess to live in you. A revolutionary force of kindness, compassion, strength and fortitude. Listen. Respond. Be still and moving at the same time. From your connection to Source, become a beacon of spirit and soul, radiating blessings around you and enlivening any being who comes into contact with you.  Receive training to become a devotional artist of service and healing.

This is a 6-month virtual mastermind experience for the woman with a full schedule, a carefully crafted budget and no desire to travel with sisters or meet in person.  We begin in March 2019. You are committed to sisterhood and expanding your ability to lead with feminine devotion. You’re deep in the heart of preparation for something BIG, and you’re preparing to focus on self-care, create and share your work with the support of a carefully curated circle of sisters (and me), and guest goddess mentors with diverse knowledge needed to support you in achieving your goals without doing it alone.

What Your Journey Includes

The Virtual Transcendence & Trailblazer both include..

Captivate. Feminine. Leadership: 90-minute Workshop

(Jey led workshop + community call)

We’ll meet in circle and I’ll teach you how to master Captivating Feminine Leadership in our live workshop with guided questions, complete processes, resources and business building commitments to pursue with our focused theme.  If you have already worked with me on CFL, fear not, this will be an even deeper dive into your experience of Captivating Feminine Leadership.

Biz Spotlight Session

(Jey led coaching call)

We’ll meet in our circle to mastermind once a month, and create clarity and momentum where you need it most in your business.  This part of our mastermind will blow any kind of business marketing training you have had or think you need out of the park. Get ready for brilliance and a fearless rise in your business model sister.

Guest Goddess

(teacher/feminine leader led live call)

A very special guest will be joining us for an intensive class to support you live once a month.

Guest mentor/coaching sessions are being considered with Nisha Moodley, Kalila Doughty, Ginny Muir, Julie Santiago and will be decided based off our collective need once the circle has formed. I’ll select this guest to meet your unique growth edge and business needs once our intimate circle is solidified.  If there is someone you have been dying to do a group workshop with, let me know and I’ll work on bringing her into our experience!

Leading Groups of Women & Sister Circle In Person Training

$625 Value

March 2nd & 3rd Medfield, MA

This intimate training is designed for women who are ready to host and hold space for women through circle work, in groups and through ritual.

The content and curriculum extends to ALL groups encountered in life; from your website, email list, and social platforms, to your living room, life events (ex: Blessingway), circles, conferences and beyond.  

You’ll be empowered to help women transform through sisterhood, circle work, and by using your intuition to create space for radical shifts, epiphanies, celebration and breakthroughs.

We’ll deep dive into:

  • Curating themes for healing work with women

  • Divine feminine energy circle work

  • How to prepare and hold space for women in a circle

  • Ways to lead as the circle vocalizer, intrinsically and extrinsically

  • Techniques for working with the energy of any group

  • The ins and outs of spiritual tools, altar set up, space holding, and more

MM Mastery Membership (For MM alumnae only)

You’ll also receive full membership to MM Mastery to go through MM again LIVE, with a new circle of sisters and me. Accountability, weekly intimate sister circles, extra’s & surprise gifts are included, as well as all of the live calls of course! You know how I roll. We’ll be tracking your feminine flow and ensuring your ambition and happy hustle is influenced and supported.

This is your very last chance to work with me in this way in 2019. We begin NEXT WEEK. If you’re feeling called to join us, find out more details (including how to join our mastermind) here.


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