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Mentor Masterclass is More Affordable Than Ever (For Now!)

October 13th, 2020 | no comments

So, now that we’re moving into the final part of 2020…do your career plans look a little different?

Maybe the demand for your job has shifted, or you’ve found that working from home for someone else just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Or maybe things feel okay with your career for now, but you can see what’s coming around the bend — and you don’t feel as secure in your job as you once did.

You’re not alone in your uncertainty. This year has brought the unknown forward for all of us, in one way or another.

One truth I’m sure of, though, is that there’s always a powerful demand for highly trained life coaches.

People who want the best for their lives always need inspiration and support.

The need for master-level life coaches hasn’t dropped in response to world events and the culture around us. It never does…

A life coaching career is perfect for women looking for a full-time career path. It’s also perfect to add as a supplement to your current work — you can make it your side hustle or your (lucrative) passion project.

Mentor Masterclass is More Affordable Than Ever (For Now!)

Are you feeling called to become a life coach? NOW is the time to step out and finally invest in yourself.

Make this the year you take your place in our global sisterhood — and you join my all-in, life coaching program, Mentor Masterclass?

I still remember how it felt to take the leap and invest in myself. I’ve been thinking of you recently, and of all the women out there who want more for themselves…

The ones who’ve been convinced by recent events that, since they never really know what life will bring, anyway (no one does) — it’s time to lean on themselves, their gifts, and their feminine power…

And so I’m sharing:

  • Five scholarships for new Mentor Masterclass students

  • Throwback pricing

  • Generous 2-year payment plans

If you’re feeling that inner YES (or think you might be), just send in your no-strings-application for Mentor Masterclass.

If you’re accepted, I’ll share all the new options — and we’ll feel into whether you’re a good fit for a scholarship when you join me for an intimate sister circle consultation.

A year from now, you’ll wish you’d started today. You can apply now, right here!

All my love,


P.S. My new membership program, The Heartwork Collective, is OPEN!

Women from all over the world are already having breakthroughs and meeting the challenge of change with personal healing and heart-centered strategy..

Want to see how it feels to be part of our sisterhood?

Listen to this quick audio I created for the members this month, where I share:

  • The collective challenges from our emergent survey

  • The collective support requests

  • The theme or lens chosen to support you this month

  • What we will be doing in our live calls

  • The vibration we are navigating as a collective

  • The belief and vibration we are rising to

  • I put together this month’s theme based on the Heartwork Collective’s emergent survey results…

Grounded Momentum: How To Nurture Delegate And Prioritize All That You Are Called To Guide And Hold

This month, we’re raising our collective vibe inside the Collective — from Courage and Reason to LOVE. We’re taking on a new drive that helps us to remember that we can all share in happiness.

What came through when I asked our members about prioritizing is that a lot of them feel that with their kids, business, family, friends and community needs (paired with all the different strategies and tools and projects they could be using)… they’re getting stuck and feeling ungrounded.

They just don’t know where to focus, especially with the uncertainty present in our world today.

They asked for Coaching Techniques, Sacred Ritual and Sisterhood Support — and I’m ready to bring it this month (and every month!).

Want to be part of the work we’re doing inside the Heartwork Collective? Founding members’ pricing is still available for now! Start your trial.


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