Mentor Masterclass Options

Please decide which program(s) you are interested in and read through the website thoroughly to see all that’s included:

Mentor Masterclass Life Coach Training

(The full 12-month training course)

This is for the new coach who wants top-tier, full life coach training with community support, insider mentor guidance, actionable workbooks, in-the-know prospecting and marketing solutions and my full attention for the first year building your coaching business.

It includes access to 12 monthly workbooks packed with tools and techniques for mastering coaching, exclusive bonuses every month when you play full out, accountability partnerships, weekly training calls, focussed coaching with Jey & 12 Celebrity Mentors, and so much more.


When you sign up and pay in full, you’ll also get access to the entire library of celebrity mentor trainings!

Mentor Masterclass Sisterhood Membership

(Month-to-month subscription with community support)

So you’re already a trained coach, but want support and deeper insights from industry leaders about ways to take your leadership and coaching business skills to a whole new level?

This is the option for you if you desire a sisterhood and a support group that matches your new found consciousness. It includes training from 24+ celebrity mentors, workbooks to guide you through all of the interviews, weekly sister mastermind meetings, and live monthly Q&A and laser coaching calls with me.

(a 6 month commitment is required)

The Mentor Masterclass Independent Study

(Self-study option)
Already trained, but in the starter stages of launching your business? Get the in-the-know insights from 24+ industry leaders to help you take your next steps, so you can do it on your own at a pace that suits you.
This is for the savvy girl who doesn’t need a workbook or guide and loves taking notes.
Benefit from the leaders who made the early mistakes for you so you don’t have to.