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My New Podcast Series: “Walk With Me.” Ep. 001

April 23rd, 2019 | no comments

The Proven Way to Unlock Access to New Ideas: Master This Life Coaching Technique

Hello, my love! And welcome to Walk With Me, a new audio series that starts today! This spring and summer, we’ll be unveiling a new 30-minute audio each week, podcast-style.

Lace up those sneakers… and  listen to the first episode here.

Listen and subscribe here:


This is an invitation to walk with me, like so many sisters and dear friends do. I’d love for us to meet up and (virtually) walk together once a week, outside my home down by the beach. I’ll join you as you listen and take a walk around your favorite spot.

I started Walk With Me to help me move my own body more often and to connect with you intimately while creating some fresh, juicy resources to support you in your personal life, career goals and consciousness. Do you have a hard time moving your body consistently and making space for self-care, too? This weekly practice is a way for us to do it together and keep each other accountable. Vitality and energy is at the core of your success as a feminine leader and this series will support you in honoring it, NOW.

My dear friend (and guest mentor in Mentor Masterclass) Erin Stutland has always said, “Movement in your body creates movement in your life.” I’ve found this to be so true! I work intimately with brilliant women building their careers as coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs. I’ve noticed their number one struggle is creating time and space to move their bodies consistently.

So will you accept this invitation? Let’s go for a walk together! I’ll be sharing a coaching technique with you in the form of a meditation — and that’s all just the beginning.

So lace up those sneakers… here we go!

PRESS PLAY to listen to our first episode now.

When you’re moving, you’re starting to tap into your unconscious mind. I’d love for us to get there on our walks together, so we can better recognize and reflect what’s been going on in our lives.

If you met up with me outside our house we’d need to catch up and so some life updates, right? So l’ll go first and give you my life updates — and I invite you to leave your life updates in the comments below to share within our sisterhood or shoot me an email (I read every one)! How are you really?

I just hit 12 weeks of pregnancy and shared it publicly. Ah! It feels great to have this news out into the world. This year has started out in a very strange way for me, though. You may have heard I lost my mother earlier this year in a very tragic way. Then, my husband and I found out we’d conceived a child within just a few days of her death — it really made me realize the beauty and great pain of life. My relationship with my mom was always complicated, and there was so much to process. (I talk more about everything else that came along with these sudden life changes, from logistics around closing out my mom’s affairs to my own first-trimester issues at the 5:30 mark of the episode.)

No matter what’s going on in our lives, our state of mind is a huge part of why we show up in life the way we do.

Did you know your state of mind has three access codes?

If we’ve been hanging out for a while, you probably know I tun an all-in, online life coach training school, Mentor Masterclass. This month in class, our theme focuses on our inner and outer game techniques. Want to try out this life coach training technique together over the next week? Let’s see what kind of changes we can create in our lives!

Here’s what else we’ll talk about on our walk during this episode:

  • What happened when I got my first-ever Akashic record reading. My guides shared two things with me that inspired me to begin this audio series (I talk about this at the 7-minute point in our walk.)
  • The powerful shifts I felt when I most recently met up with the women in my life coach training program, Mentor Masterclass — and what I’m doing about it. (8:00 mark in the episode.)
  • All the details about your inner and outer game life coach training techniques and how they’re affecting your life and what’s happening to you right now. (8:40)
  • The meaning of The Triad, and how it’s determining what state of mind you’re in at this very moment — from how you feel to the look on your face. (12:00)
  • Why I’ve been believing something new: that I’ll be taken care of because I’ve worked hard to create solid structures in my life and business — and how that’s been changing things for me. (17:15)
  • How we can turn inner reflection into outer action in our lives. Is something feeling “off” for you as you reflect on things? Here’s what to do next. (19:30)
  • The proven way for you to suddenly get access to new ideas and inspiration. You can do it right now — I know you’re going to love this! (22:05)
  • How to get real with yourself and figure out what you’d be focusing on instead if you were embodying the way you truly want to feel. (24:30)

…and we wrap up our walk together with me sharing a life coach training technique that can change your life over the next week — it’s that powerful. (I talk about this at the 28-minute mark.)

Let’s do this together, sister! Can we keep each other accountable?

See you next week for our walk!

All my love,


P.S. Please don’t forget to update me on your life! What’s been going on? And what came up for you today? Did any declarations come through?

Please update me in the comments below!



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