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My New Podcast Series: “Walk With Me.” Ep. 002: Who Are You Right Now?

April 30th, 2019 | 3 comments

Hello, my love! And welcome to the second episode of Walk With Me, a new audio series that launched last week! This spring and summer, we’ll be unveiling a new 30-minute audio each week, podcast-style.

Ready to walk together and catch up, like girlfriends do?… listen to this week’s episode here!

Listen and subscribe here:


In case you missed our unveiling last week: this is simply an invitation to walk with me!

I created Walk With Me to:

  • Inspire us both to move our bodies,

  • Connect with you intimately, and

  • Share some fresh, juicy resources to support you in your personal life, career goals and consciousness

So let’s keep each other accountable… and let’s get moving on this week’s walk!

PRESS PLAY to listen to this week’s episode now.

In this episode, we’ll be introducing ourselves — or reintroducing ourselves, since I believe we’re always growing and changing. But as you’ll hear, this is so much more than swapping names and occupations…

We’ll be talking about:

  • A powerful technique for sharing who you are. What would you say if someone asked you, “Who are you, right now?” (5:28)

  • How understanding The Hierarchy of Needs can be truly game-changing (especially if you want to become a coach) (6:00)

  • The moment it hit me that the career I’d worked so hard for wasn’t for me after all, and what I did next. (9:40)

  • The Needs of the Spirit, and how to know if yours are being met (11:20)

  • What I learned from attending Alcoholic Anonymous meetings with my parents as a child, and how it helped me become a coach (12:00)

  • Why I knew I wanted to help women, but also knew I didn’t want to be a therapist — and how I discovered I wanted to become a coach instead. (13:00)

  • The moment it hit me that the career I’d worked so hard for wasn’t for me after all, and what I did next. (16:20)

  • What I learned from attending Alcoholic Anonymous meetings with my parents as a child (17:00)

  • Why it’s so important to include who you are in the business model you’re creating — or dreaming of creating (25:15)

  • What I know needs to happen before I bring this new baby into the world (28:15)

  • How I discovered my health was taking a backseat to my career and family life (you may be able to relate!) (29:50)

  • Why I’m swapping out six-figure launches for something new (32:30)

  • And so much more…

Let’s meet up next week for our walk — same time, same place?

All my love,


P.S. In this episode you’ll hear me mention Mentor Masterclass Self-Discovery Week, a complimentary week of soulful practices to help you start and grow your coaching practice with self-confidence, inner guidance, and feminine power.

It’s a present reality you can choose, and a future you will begin to create over the next 7 days. Get started on your (free) week of self-discovery!

P.P.S. As you also hard in the episode, I really do want to know you! So, who are you, right now? Please let me know in the comments below!


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3 people have commented
  1. This was perfect timing. I’m going through a huge transition. I’m retiring my hands from 19yrs as a Massage Therapist and moving into teaching people to self manage TMJ pain and all the stress and anxiety that go with it. So much of all of my hierarchy of needs have been met with this path and career. To walk away from all of it is gard and answering the “Who am I” question is challenging. I feel more empowered to see my choices and how they reflect and are driven by my needs. I just need to remember this and to breath. I can’t wait until next week and learn about values. Thank you Coach Hey!

    • Carissa,

      I love when thing align so perfectly. Congrats on your transition to saving your hands and deepening your service through a new way of sharing, leading and guiding your clients! I completely understand the depth of the change and thank you for leaning in to be witnessed. Breath! It is the pathway to such grace and ease. Looking forward to walking with you next week again! xoxo Jey

  2. Who am I?- such a simple question that sometimes feel like the most challenging and in the same time rewarding discovery journey. Thank you, Jey, for once again reminding us that in order to be a living example of what we would like to see in the world, we must integrate, own and express ALL of us, remembering that life lessons are not a coincidence but stepping stones to greatness. If we allow them to.

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