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New Photoshoot Sneak Peek + Join Our Heartwork Collective Bonus Q&A Call TOMORROW!

October 3rd, 2020 | no comments

Holy shit, August and the beginning of September were A LOT!

I thought I was going to break down into a million pieces that would never go back together. Sometimes it’s just too much, ya know?

In the past month:

  • I made the decision to create and launch The Heartwork Collective ®, my new membership program during a world pandemic

  • We began a month of free events to give people the full experience during the same month Violet started Kindergarten…

  • My workload exponentially increased as I got this new membership program off the ground, including: 3 live events, 2 pieces of bonus content — and everything it takes to promote those (while adding in Violet’s new hybrid school schedule)

  • And then I had the regular weekly meetings with my team to bring it all to life…

There was so much in motion!

Not forgetting the political, economic and Mother Earth challenges shaking the foundation that holds us all.

Little did I know the membership would be the catalyst for one of the most life-changing months of my life.

One month in the Heartwork Collective ® led to:

  • Deciding to sell our house

  • Looking at over 30 houses to potentially buy (within a 2-week period while wearing a mask!)

  • Putting an offer in on a house — then losing the bidding war, which was a lot of disappointment to process

  • Bidding on our true dream house — and getting it!

  • Turning a brand photoshoot into a magical ritual that honors my new identity

  • Honoring the loss of my husband’s grandfather and attending his funeral

  • Accepting a million dollar cash offer on our house — after just two days on the market (that’s a 40% profit off what we actually paid for it)!

  • Setting a closing date and preparing to move…

All of these massive changes were able to happen with ease and flow because of the live events and content we worked through in the trial membership month.

The results of the women in our sisterhood were even MORE mind-blowing!

I’m under no illusion that these things might not appear at face value to be massive challenges to you. There are women in our community facing situations that would bring you to your knees. Some women have lost their house in a fire, some have no prospect of income now, some are celebrating their most successful financial year and are getting married to their soulmate.

No matter what is happening at face value, I can guarantee we are all suffering in some way. We all could do better at healing and self care.

What happened behind the scenes? How did we initiate all of this change together so fast? How could we meet each other coming from so many different situations and needs?

The answer is by carving out 2 hours for ourselves to do the work it takes to move out of our head and access the power and clarity of our heart. Together.

How could two 1-hour live calls lead to all of these celebrations and breakthroughs? Let me break it down for you…

I began the month feeling in and connecting with women who were joining the Heartwork Collective® trial events, and I quickly attuned to the collective thread — or maybe it was more like a collective ROPE…

It was clear that every woman who came to these events felt called to show up, make decisions and face change head on.

The problem we were all facing was resistance to change — and confusion about what we really wanted.

We were feeling too run down to actually rise up and get started!

And so I created the first 1-hour live sisterhood collaborative workshop based off of this challenge, Emergent, Dynamic & Aligned Decision Making During Uncertain Times.


Together, we addressed these challenges around aligned decision-making. I walked my talk and chose to make a decision on our live call right beside all the other women. I chose to decide whether or not it was time to sell our house!

Using the resources I’d been sharing on the call, I made my own decision, right then and there. It was time! That week, I reached out to a real estate agent and started looking at houses to buy.

When you make decisions with a fierce devotion like we did together in the collective, things can move fast.

If this sounds like something you NEED to experience, this is your final chance to get free access to The Heartwork Collective® — including every event from the free trial right here, right now.


It’s important you stay connected to your magic when focusing on big changes logistically, so next up — I interviewed Sarah Jenks, the founder of Whole Woman and shared a piece of bonus content in the form of a Walk With Me podcast episode, Decision Making as a Spiritual Practice with Sarah Jenks.

Together, we experienced a meditation that helped every one of us remember our spiritual connection to Source and the magnitude of our power.

This bonus content led me to receive a sign from my guides that would help me along the way in knowing what was the right house and making future decisions. The sign was the number four…

You’ll see what I mean when you listen to my full-length call with Sarah — and also get access to every member’s-only past workshop, live event recording, bonus content, ritual, and more. It’s all in the Heartwork Collective® members-only vault… and it comes with your membership.

The next challenge that showed up for me and the collective was the confusion and conflict about how to move forward.

For me the conflict was about changing my identity and being willing to leave our house on the water. Was this the right thing to be doing?

So we had our next live call, Cutting Through Confusion, a live NLP coach training and sister circle, all about collecting resources to face the confusion head on.


We workshopped an NLP coaching technique together, in intimate circles. Together we examined what it feels like when we want something but we have conflicting ideas about how to move forward. We created a symbol and archetype to represent these conflicting parts within and to help them communicate so we could move through resistance more gracefully.

For me I had to make peace with the younger version of me who always dreamed of a beach home and the lifestyle that came with it. Versus the current version of me who desires to connect deeper with Mother Earth by having more land and a spacious home that honors all the expansion that has taken place as a family and in our businesses.


Live on that call I decided to offer another piece of bonus content by inviting a woman to receive one-on-one coaching, using this technique live. This way everyone who wants to learn to use this technique could learn how to coach too. But most importantly, we could go even deeper with this tool.

This call led the collective and me to create a sense of peace and ease about the decisions we had made, and feel confident moving forward…

And move forward we did.

We found a house. Put in an offer. Did not get it. Found another house (a hawk landed on the roof at 4:00pm (remember the sign I mentioned from the guides — the number four?!?) and we got it!

This call was also the reason I said yes to doing a brand photoshoot that I’d wanted to cancel. Instead we turned it into a sacred ritual honoring the two parts of me that were ready to merge and align through this decision.

Get access to this live coaching call, and all the members-only content in the Heartwork Collective ® vault, as soon as you register!

heartwork collective photo sneak peek
heartwork collective photo sneak peek
heartwork collective photo sneak peek
heartwork collective photo sneak peek
heartwork collective photo sneak peek

And finally, it was time for The Autumn Equinox Virtual Sisterhood Retreat Experience!


Leading up to this event, my husband Brent’s grandfather passed away, we prepared our house to go on the market, sold our house, did inspections on our new house, and attended a funeral. Needless to say I NEEDED this retreat for me too…

The meditation that allowed us to shift our perspective in the collective from one of suffering through uncertainty to celebrating the gifts and wisdom we have harvested this year…

The sisterhood sharing experience where we discovered what we needed to let go of and then burned it away…

The Embody Dance experience where we felt wild, free, unabandoned joy with Stephanie Burg….

It was EVERYTHING and the perfect way to honor and close out this beautiful month. It was exciting to feel the pulse of the new thread that is being woven as we step into a new month with the sisterhood and make decisions together about what theme and heartwork we will focus on in October.

And that is what the Heartwork Collective ® is ALL about. It’s about having dedicated, incredibly transformational experiences clearly marked on your calendar — so when shit hits the fan in life, you have somewhere to turn.

A place to heal. A place to be nurtured and rejuvenated. A place to DANCE and play.

My mom used to say “wake me up when September ends.” Thanks to the work we did together in the Heartwork Collective®, I’m not having that experience. September is turning out to be filled with magic!

It’s because of the work we did in the Heartwork Collective ® that Brent and I received a million dollars (IN CASH), bought a 7,000 square foot beautiful home on three acres of land with a barn that will become my temple where I’ll lead and gather in-person for retreats (when you can travel again).

And most importantly, it’s because of the work in The Heartwork Collective ® that I was able to hold myself and my family from a grounded, centered, and well-resourced place — to move through some of the hardest, most stressful situations and decisions I’ve ever encountered.

It was tough. I’m so thankful for every woman in the Collective, and the spiritual and logistical tools we practiced together that helped me through.

That was a sneak peek into just one month in the Heartwork Collective ®!

If you want to be a part of this experience, come join us for October! Try it out. You can cancel your Level One membership at any time! I’ll craft the themes and content for the month based on what’s present, real, and true in your life right now.

The moment you join, you’ll receive instant access to every member’s-only past workshop, live event recording, bonus content, rituals and more. It’s the entire Heartwork® vault of all the events I just recapped above — emergent workshops, live calls, worksheets, recordings, resources and recorded retreats.

As a member, you’ll fill out an emergent survey, so I can make sure the content, timing of the calls and themes for the month are all relevant and true to what’s present, confronting, challenging, inspiring and in need of attention in your life right now. It helps me customize your experience!

Tomorrow, October 5th, I’ll be leading a bonus mastermind + live Q&A call for all the founding members of The Heartwork Collective®!

When you join today, you’ll get to hop on this call with us!

If you have any lingering questions, claim your free trial now and join me for this exclusive Mastermind call — and ask me anything about life, business or the membership!

Your membership in the Collective will be full of high-impact, nourishing love and connection experiences… and it’s just a 2-hour commitment per month.
The two hours you actively carve out each month for this membership will be a catalyst for the greatest intuitive healing, innovation and transformation in your life.

The quarterly retreats will be the extra icing on the cake that has it all drop in to an embodied practice.

This is your very last chance to join for free, receive the replay of the retreat and lock in the founder’s membership rate for life. Membership rates will only increase from here!

Join us and connect with your heart, get out of the limited mind, and ground even your cloudiest ideas into easeful creation.

All my love,


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