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NOW is the time for freedom in your work (workshops to survive quarantine)

March 19th, 2020 | no comments

I hope you and those you love are doing well, moving through these strange times as best you can.

These next few weeks will be the full range of emotions, and WE WILL get through this, together.

There’s a silver lining for those of us who can work from anywhere, around our own schedules — because we run our own business. If you’re seriously considering launching your own online coaching business, this applies to you, and the time is NOW…

  • We already work from home. 

  • We are already operating outside the ebbs and flows of the stock market. As entrepreneurs we embrace uncertainty everyday. 

  • We’re suddenly feeling more certain than ever.  

  • We don’t have to shut down our work or learn how to work in isolation for the first time. 

  • When our kids are at home from school, we can still maintain our commitments — and our income.  

  • And in one week of training, if this is not you, it WILL be.

If you want to know if launching your coaching business is the next right thing for you, I’d like to invite you to journey with me over the next seven days through Mentor Masterclass Self-Discovery Week.  A complimentary training, that will help you to create certainty in a time of complete chaos.

When companies are shutting down, laying off and uncertainty is spreading like wildfire, the coaching industry is experiencing an increase in demand.  We need YOU.

With all the hype, fear and lessons happening across the world with this virus, having freedom in our careers is more important than ever. People will need coaching, mentorship, healing and support to survive and thrive with all the initiations and changes occurring as we speak.  

And with so many people experiencing fear, uncertainty, and overwhelm these days, it’s such an honor to do work in the world as a life coach… we bring people peace, confidence and the tools, and guidance they need to recognize their intrinsic power to make decisions and take inspired action.

I mean, I’ve got a session with my own coach in 20 minutes (virtual, of course) and I CAN’T WAIT!  

I’ve been supporting women in launching their online coaching businesses for almost 10 years. I’ve learned that the main reason people don’t get started is because of their fear of leaving the safety of their 9-5…  

That includes a sense of security when it comes to insurance, receiving a paycheck, bonuses and a place to show up to that will tell them what to focus on to grow. 

Now, I think we can all see we had a very false sense of security — because we’re trusting authorities thinking they’ll save us. The only thing that is certain, is the way you connect to your own intuition, emergent leadership and innovation.  

And so I’m going to do something I’ve never done before…

My team and I are extending tuition discounts and scholarships to anyone who applies and is accepted to Mentor Masterclass over the next two weeks.

This is my way of supporting you in creating sustainable success during these tough times… this will make it more affordable than ever for you to bring your genius to the world and become trained as a life coach who knows how to run her business online with ease.

Mentor Masterclass is a yearlong program designed to allow you to start coaching and open the doors to your business in the first month of the training.  

This program will see you through one of the hardest years you may ever experience in your lifetime. To help you navigate fear and this wild of change, we’re making the investment affordable to ALL.

If you want to know if this program is the next right thing for you, I’d like to invite you to journey with me over the next seven days through Mentor Masterclass Self-Discovery Week.  

This training is complimentary, to allow you to get started and focused now.

This exclusive video training is seven beautiful days of soulful practices to help you become a successful life coach. (Click here to jump right into the first video.)

If you’re thinking about becoming a life coach, you’ll explore and decide if coaching is right for you.

If you’re already a coach, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for when it comes to building your self-confidence and growing your business more quickly. (Press PLAY on the video below to get started)

Create your dream business through self discovery

In this FREE video training, you’ll also learn:

  • The unique 4-step process I used to become a skilled coach,  start and grow a successful coaching practice in 14 months.

  • Why self-discovery is the key that unlocks the door to becoming a confident coach.

  • How to use role models and mentors to create a coaching brand and serve a niche community of clients, that reflects your true gifts and personality.

  • The healing, transformative power of sisterhood and receiving support.

  • The real reasons most women feel the desire to become coaches and feminine leaders (and how that makes them truly successful!).

  • Why believing in yourself is the foundation for building a successful business, and how Mentor Masterclass helps you create new self-empowering beliefs that get you there.

One of the many things I love about you (and our sisterhood as a whole) is that we all know we’re meant for something so much bigger than the status quo. 

And these days, that’s more evident than ever. It’s time to finally become that beacon of light for positive change…

If you let it, Self-Discovery Week can be the turning point for you — the moment you took a different path and let your new life begin, even when you felt scared. 

Even when you weren’t sure what might happen, you believed in yourself.   

This experience is for women who will not allow this unexpected pandemic to interrupt your uprising. 

In fact, this may be the catalyst for the greatest expansion of your life…

The catalyst for your full becoming and the beginning of your legacy. Let’s do this!

Come watch the first video — I’ll see you there!

All my love,


P.S. If you’ve already completed the Self-Discovery Week or if you’re already feeling called, you can apply now for our discounted tuition and special scholarship. 

This limited-time tuition is the lowest price we’ve ever offered —  and you must be ready to start the program on April 6th

So apply to Mentor Masterclass ASAP, right here. I can’t wait to read your application!

Once your application is approved you and I can hop on a call together, so you can learn more about the program and to ask any questions.

P.P.S. Feeling a little cooped up? You’re not alone! Let’s connect over on Instagram and get through this together.

As you deepen into your life coach training, you’ll master reframing even the toughest circumstances. Take a look at this graphic I made to show you what I mean  — and be sure to tag me (@jeannine.yoder) when you share it over on Instagram!


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