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Our New Baby’s Here!

October 1st, 2019 | no comments

It was the surprise of our lives…

My mother had just passed away. With so much life change, sadness, and transition swirling around us, my husband and I were shocked to find out we were expecting our second child.

It was completely unplanned, and yet it in many ways, it made so much sense and we know it was divinely guided. Just as my mother was leaving this world, this new beautiful life had entered and was beginning to grow. It’s impossible to ignore the synchronicity, right?

And now, I’ll be taking some away from creating here online to heal, and welcome our new daughter into our family. 

We won’t be sharing any new content via email or the blog for two weeks! 

In the meantime, connect with me over on Instagram. I’ll be sharing allll the new baby pics and raw updates from behind the scenes. I hope to hear from you and stay connected.

On October 16th, I’ll be back in your inbox with a brand new series I’ve lovingly prepared for you ahead of time. I spent July-September creating something BRAND NEW for you! While I’m nesting and taking a full 4-month maternity leave, you’ll be LOVING this new series. I CANNOT WAIT for you to get your hands on this!

So let’s keep in touch, love, and keep an eye out for an email from me on October 16th!


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