The Greatest Surprise of Our Lives {PART 2}

I wasn’t prepared for the parts of pregnancy that women don’t really talk about: the adventure, the drama, the love, the loss. I can’t say I’ve ever had a moment in life where I was as sensorily aware as the moment we found out the sex of… READ MORE

The Greatest Surprise of Our Lives {PART 1}

  Brent and I are pretty good planners, but can really stall when it comes to making big life decisions together. We’ve always known we wanted a family of our own. Still, we love our freedom, play time, entrepreneurship and travel. It felt like these… READ MORE

How to find partners and affiliates in 4 easy steps

This week’s brilliant question comes from Yvonne: “How do you find joint venture partners and affiliates?” Yvonne, this is a great ask, and one I know so many women watching are going to appreciate because this is when big time nerves come in…and create a little havoc…. READ MORE