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Save the Date + Your Chance to Earn a Scholarship: The Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge Podcast Begins December 2!

November 19th, 2019 | no comments

In the past eight years, soo much has happened in our family, in my work, within you and your work — and in our world consciousness.  

2019 was a year of loss, grief, birth, renewal, and initiation for me. We got pregnant within days of my mother’s death.  Healing through each initiation changed the way I view the world, how I want to be of service, my relationship to creation, destruction, and CHANGE when it comes to running my own business.

Even with all of this chaos, there’s one thing we’ve always been able to count on as we enter the holiday season and a new year.  One ritual that brings us all together in a sisterhood of women devoted to creating sustainable success and freedom during the busiest and most emotional time of year…. 

The Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge & Scholarship Contest.

Today I have big news! We’re no longer running the Holiday Challenge, as you have experienced it in the past. We considered canceling it altogether, then something beautiful emerged when we surveyed our community…

We found you’re craving something FRESH AND NEW and that, like me, you desire to lay a strong and fertile foundation for an incredible 2020.  

I’ve changed a lot of things in my life this year, and you’re going to love everything about the power and intention in the new experience we created for you.

We’re excited to share the BRAND NEW Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge Podcast.

What has changed:
  • The challenge will run for 14 days so it’s easy to commit to and complete

  • We begin on December 2nd 

  • You get instant access to all of the rituals on day one

  • We’ve gone podcast style! It’s easy to access and download the short audio’s

  • We gathered our favorite daily ritual challenges from the past five years and turned it into a simple, go-at-your-own-pace 

  • You decide which rituals/mentor challenges you want to complete (and how many!)

  • We’re giving away a full-ride scholarship to Mentor Masterclass, additional partial scholarships, luxury all inclusive retreats — and prizes like you’ve NEVER seen before

If you already know you want first access to the NEW Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge Podcast click here to sign up to the VIP guestlist. (We begin Monday, December 2nd!) 

If you decide to commit to the challenge (+ the all-star panel of soulful celebrity coaches), you’ll also grow your social media following as a bonus and fill your feed with like-minded powerful women from around the world.

I’m also giving away a full scholarship to my signature life coach training program, Mentor Masterclass. To be awarded the full-ride scholarship this year, you’ve gotta be committed. Sign up by clicking here to be added to the guest list and you’ll receive all the details on how to win a scholarship and our other amazing prizes.  

This means you have to sign up and complete 14 of the challenges and the bonus scholarship workbook questions by Tuesday, December 16th. I’ll have more details on that for you next Wednesday. 

For now, make sure you mark these dates on your calendar:
  • Wednesday, November 27th – email invitation with all of the exciting details and instant access to the podcast series goes out to those who are signed up.

  • Monday, December 2nd– the Holiday Challenge Podcast Experience begins!

What’s next? Click here to sign up and join us.

Then, keep a lookout for my email on Wednesday, November 27th. On that day you’ll get an email with all the exciting details you’ll need to connect with me and women around the world in this year’s brand-new Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge Podcast!

Meanwhile, I’m sending all my love, support and excitement!  

All my love,


I’m ready to witness you play full-out and open your heart to discover what it really means to be the kind of woman who changes people’s lives — starting with your own life first.  I can’t wait, just click here to join.

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