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Sick and Tired of Not Having Enough Money?

December 4th, 2018 | no comments

I used to believe I was meant to be a “starving artist” working multiple jobs while I struggled to make it as an actress. That was my fate. That was my truth.

But I was so, so wrong. It turned out these “truths” were stories I had told myself so many times that they seemed real.

It turns out I had so much more control over how money worked in my life than I’d ever realized.

I want to share the coaching techniques, healing rituals and resources with you, that helped me go from starving artist to financially free and influential thought leader. I’m ready to get raw and real and teach you how to stop letting your own stories about never having enough money get in the way of living the life you deserve.

Why not make this the VERY LAST YEAR that lack of money keeps you from living the life you deserve? So you can follow your soul’s divine purpose?

On December 6th at 12pm EST, I’m hosting a FREE live call to help you break through your money limitations once and for all.

Sign up right here.

Here’s what you’ll learn on the call:

* How to let go of the money story you’ve been telling yourself so you can create a new reality based on abundance.

* How to use your NEW money story to fund your dreams and fulfill your divine purpose.

* How to stop making excuses that keep you “playing small,” so you can start and grow the 6-figure coaching business you deserve. (Yes! You deserve it, sister!)

* Why NOW is the time to take the next step so you can attract and serve the paying clients who are ALREADY out there, and who NEED your help.

Are you ready? Let’s make this the year you change your money story, once and for all.

Make sure your name’s on the guest list right here.

All my love,


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