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Simon and Jey sitting in a tree… K.I.S.S.I.N.G!!!

February 11th, 2021 | no comments

If you are wondering where I’ve been here’s a simple breakdown in 3 photos:


Last week my husband took Violet skiing for the night. Autumn went to bed at 7pm and I finished watching the entire season of Bridgerton.

I am enjoying focusing on the things that bring me pleasure.

Brent and I are escaping into a virtual vortex for The Valentine’s Online Immersion with John Wineland this weekend.

Here’s a bit of what I’ll be exploring in this couples workshop:
  • How to artfully offer the unbridled power of my heart and body as a Valentine’s gift without overwhelming my partner

  • Revealing my heart’s most vulnerable desires in a way that evokes passion, presence, and fierce love in my partner

  • Fill my body with pleasure and yearning as an irresistible gift to the masculine

  • Embracing my desire to be cherished and ravished as my heart’s magnetic signature

  • Offering love as a clear transmission of my true radiance, even when shone through brief throbs of pain, grief, or rage

  • Enjoying the art of whole-body responsiveness as a spontaneous sexual gifting of my feminine essence

  • Cultivating my capacity to relax in dangerous love by feeling my darkest, wildest, most erotic desires from the most vulnerable depths of my heart

I. Can’t. Wait.


I don’t love his man bun but I love his message. Like the Knight of Pentacles, I am asking deep questions of myself and life. What can I explore and build after all of the time I have invested supporting women in becoming feminine business owners and mastery level trained life coaches? What is my vision for the future, after birthing two beautiful girls? What do I want?

I am embracing patience, level-headed thinking, and carefully navigating sleep deprivation (my little Auttie has not yet learned to sleep through the night). I am called to be quiet, shut down many parts of my business and embrace the unknown.


I am acquiring new creative skills.

I’m currently diving deep into Interior Design, motherhood and supporting my husband with his business. I’m looking into design courses that would help bring insight, structure, resources and depth to the process of creating a beautiful space.

My husband’s business has taken off with current features in The Wall Street Journal, a contract with NBC and a rapidly growing membership community. There is a clear wave of opportunity for him and I am called to do all that I can to support him so I can move out of the role of breadwinner. It was a role I once wanted to achieve, that was born of wounding. I am now interested in non-hierarchical partnership. Step by step Brent and I are dismantling the patriarchy within our marriage and I’m forming a new relationship with motherhood.

I love being in collaboration with other women as I form new beliefs and heal my way through these topics. This is why when my friend Katie Cannon (founder of Gold Medal Coaching) invited me to be an expert on her virtual interview series I made space to show up and support.

Katie is a mumpreneur and builds her business around being a partner to Andre and her two little ones Amelie aged 5, and Ashton 22 months. They’re almost the same age as V and Auttie.

Over the last decade and a half, Katie has gone from a 5 x British Gymnastics Champion to a successful entrepreneur.

Over the years, Katie has done some things really well and some things which were a complete failure.

So she decided to take on a research project to learn from other entrepreneurs’ and experts’ what it takes to build a successful business.

The Summit Is Called “How to Build a Health and Fitness Business and Brand in 2021”


I am speaking at this summit on how to skip the B.S and focus on what really matters when becoming a life coach. Get your complimentary ticket using this link.


Register here to get your free complimentary ticket to listen to the summit.

I hope you are enjoying this new year. Take a minute to let me know what you have been up to. It’s been a wild ride and all I know right now is self reflection, compassion and space for hearing your deepest desires and most wise thoughts is soo important. What are you hearing when you get still? I’m looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you in the Summit! Happy Valentine’s Day!

P.S I’ll be sharing a roundup newsletter with you on Sunday. In it I’ll be sharing what is going on in The Heartwork Collective and a few other things I’ve been loving (while embracing the unknown and a lot less structure in my life and business). I hope you’ll carve out a moment to reconnect with all that I’ve been dancing in behind the scenes in real life.


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