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Where do You Find Your Sparkle And Soul

November 21st, 2012 | no comments

Today on “Invite to YOUR life TV”

Jey & Shay’s Fav Things:

Where do You Find Your Sparkle And Soul?


Good Morning Sparkly Warriors!
Wake up it’s Wednesday and every month we dedicate one episode to share with you the most inspirational and valuable “things” we have fallen in love with. We wanted to have fun with you, there are things beyond sexy work outs and sassy life tools that turn us on.

What we love about SparklySoul Headbands:

  • Gorgeous Glittering Colors
  • Non-slip, Headache-Free Magic!
  • They come in two sizes and look great layered round your head or even your wrist
  • Function meets Fashion; they look great in and out of the gym.
  • An awesome mission statement: Read it Here!
  • An inspired, empowered, supportive and motivated community!
So much Sparkly for Your Soul!

So Much Sparkly for Your Soul!

You can Sparkle just like Jey & Shay!


Win your very own SparklySoul headband, courtesy of SparklySoul, Inc. Yep, that’s right, we are doing our first giveaway and we are super excited about this one. Here is what you gotta do to get your SHINE ON.

1. Like SparklySoul on Facebook. Give em some love. Say hello! They are really friendly: I LIKE SPARKLYSOUL

2. Follow everybody here on Twitter: @ShayKostabi @rsvpwjey @SparklySoulInc

3. Leave a love note in the comments below, telling us how you have accessed your inner strength to push past your outer limits, allowing your soul to sparkle & shine.

We’ll be giving one thin and one thick band away to TWO lucky winners! Be sure to check out the site. These bands will make a perfect holiday gift for your favorite fitness fashionista!
Winner’s will be Announced on DEC. 1st!

Jey & Shay’s Favorite Things! [a.k.a. The SparklySoulInc site]




Life’s more fun when you invite your soul to sparkle and shine.

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