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7 Ways To Support Other Women In Business

October 30th, 2018 | no comments

If we’ve ever crossed paths online, at event, or probably even in the grocery store, you likely already know about my deep belief in the importance of women supporting other women.

One of my all-time favorite quotes is from the Dalai Lama: “The world will be saved by the Western Woman.”

Sometimes I dream about what we could accomplish in our world if all the women joined together to support one another, hold space for each other, and be vulnerable, too. What if we did away with the masculine structures around working and living as lone warrior who’s got it all together?

The next question is: how? How can we support other women? I’m so glad the amazing Karol Miranda stopped by to talk about this in today’s Q&A edition of Wake Up Wednesday.

Karol is a Brazilian teacher and coach who uses integrated techniques. She’s passionate about women transforming, inside out. She was also the Master Masterclass self-study 2018 scholarship winner! Karol and I met when she participated in the Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge. Together with other women from around the world, we spent 24 days learning about soulful practices for becoming a successful life coach.

I look forward to the Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge challenge every year because even though it’s a virtual event, I get to meet and form lasting relationships with incredible women from around the world – women like Karol. Throughout the year I get to see and feel her support for me online, and I have the privilege of doing the same for her. It gives me chills!

In today’s video, Karol asks:


“How can we support other women in business?”


I love Karol’s question because she wants to support her CEO sisters in everything – business, self-care, and as human beings.

I don’t think I’ve ever said this about a Q&A video before, but you have to PRESS PLAY on the video below to watch Karol ask this herself – otherwise you might miss the depth and striking beauty of of her question. I got emotional just listening to it!


Her sincere, caring heart showed through in a way that challenged me to dig deeper and think through how we can all best use our gifts to support other women not just as fellow CEOS or aspiring life coaches, but as fellow humans. I’m so grateful for Karol!

As I thought over my response to Karol’s question, I found myself pulling from years of personal devotion to sisterhood while running Mentor Masterclass and the Holiday Challenge. It’s been a soul theme for me throughout my life, and I started by asking myself, “What does it take to receive support?”


This led me to my first tip…

  1. We must heal our wounds around receptivity. What I’ve noticed along my journey is the challenge so many of us face around our willingness to receive support. Too many of us wear our lone-warrior mindset like a badge of honor, feeling proud of ourselves that we don’t need support when we absolutely do.

Before we can help other women, we have to be able to receive help first. At the 5:30 point in the video, I admit that even while filming this video I had to focus on not hardening myself in discomfort when I heard Karol’s kind, loving words and sincere encouragement and support. I had to make sure I was open to receiving it!


  1. Masterminding where each woman has a “hotseat” is incredibly powerful. I’ve been running Mentor Masterclass and the Holiday Challenge for many years now, and I’ve found that it’s so important to set time for sitting in a sister circle (whether it’s in-person or virtually). This means giving each woman the chance to share her challenges as the others listen and hold space, silently and without interrupting.

After each woman has shared, but before the others offer advice, it’s also important to ask the woman who’s just shared, “How do you desire support? What have you already tried, and where are you really stuck?” At the 7:14 mark in the video I explain more about why this is so essential.


  1. We as women must always hold each other in high esteem – no matter how “messy” our lives seem when we’re sharing our struggles with each other. No matter who is sharing, we have to always keep in mind that she’s brilliant. She’s capable. She’s got this.

Just by sending this energy to the woman who’s sharing, she’s going to feel held and supported. At the 10:15 point in the video, I explain exactly why we all deserve to feel this way!


  1. Create a consistent ritual with other women. This is why so many women uplevel their lives and businesses during the Holiday Challenge every single year. It’s 24 days where we’re all so dedicated to going through this ritual practice together.

In just a few minutes each day, we move out of isolation and support each other in our vulnerability. Women show up so honestly with their experiences, opening the door for the rest of us to say “Yes! She goes through the same things I do!” (Skip to the 11-minute point in the video to hear us jam on this.)


  1. Encourage women to invest in themselves. This doesn’t have to be a high-dollar event in an exotic location! The Holiday Challenge, for instance, is free but you still invest a very precious commodity: your time.

In the long run though, we should also all invest money in self-care and in our businesses. The more time and money you put into yourself and your personal development, the more your ability to be supported will grow like you’ve never imagined.


  1. Meet in person. Simple but true: I love my online business, but there will always be something truly transformative about these in-person connections.


  1. Promote each other. Be a voice for the amazing work other women are doing, and share your experience from your heart. When an authentic woman has created a program, she might find she has a hard time selling herself. She’ll want to pay it forward and promote you, too! (hop over the the 14:30 point in the video as we dig deeper into this.)


What about you – what are your favorite ways to support other women, and be supported? Let me know in the comments!


P.S. – If you’re thinking about becoming a life coach, or you’re already a life coach and you want to grow your practice and have a life of financial freedom as soon as you can, then you’re exactly who the FREE Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge was made for.

I look forward to this every year – I can’t wait to spend 24 days teaching women how to start and grow their businesses to achieve financial freedom doing soul-aligned work they love. Come join us, love – an entire sister tribe is waiting to support you, hold space for you, and cheer you on while you go after your dreams.

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