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The Holiday Challenge is now the 7-day Heartwork Holiday- 7 Days of Self-Care, Nourishment & Sisterhood!

November 17th, 2020 | no comments

Ahh I’m breathing a sigh of relief over here! We’re finally all moved into our new house. The stuff is here… everywhere. I’m embracing the art of Paradox.

Loving the chaos of a creative new start and a blank slate to make magic.
Hating every second of having an unsettled and incomplete home.

I’m taking a pause from dressing up our fireplace mantel with holiday decor (WE HAVE A REAL LIFE FIREPLACE!) because I’ve got an announcement to make…

It’s been such a whirlwind. Just a few months ago the idea of moving struck me — and I wasn’t sure it was practical, or something I actually wanted to do during a pandemic. But, I’ve learned this particular flavor of inspiration is not one to ignore. I didn’t want to face the challenge and I just knew it was the right time.

I’ve always viewed the holiday season as both a challenge and an inspiration.

This time of the year is a potent growth initiation. It matters what we choose, how we show up and who we become. Each and every year.

The way we spend our time and the things we prioritize reveals so much about who we are — the way we view the world, and the way we take advantage of the opportunity for love and joy in our lives… it shapes our life experience.

For six years now, I’ve run a Holiday Challenge. It’s a few minutes of intentional time each day where we reflect and move through rituals and practices around:

  • How we choose to engage with each other

  • What’s on our holiday to-do lists (and what isn’t!)

  • The things we choose to celebrate, or not celebrate

  • The ways we take care of ourselves during this season

  • And magical new traditions and rituals that inspire us to express our full range of becoming…

The Holiday Challenge started off in 2015 as a 21-day event, with thousands of women participating from all over the world. I made some of my best friends and we all changed our lives together participating in this beautiful experience!

Violet and Autumn came along and time became more sacred to me. It didn’t feel good to be spending soo much time on my computer during Christmas anymore. And while women from around the world were still loving the experience, I was craving something else.

Being live in Facebook groups was pulling against my desire to be more quiet with my girls and my hubby.

Then in 2018, my mom passed away in a tragic unexpected way during the last week of the event. That was it. I knew it was time to figure out how to shift this experience that felt good for me.

Last year, my team and I turned the Holiday Challenge into an evergreen podcast, where it reached even more women seeking some intentional reflection and support during the busiest time of the year.

I’m honored to say the Holiday Challenge has touched the lives of so many women — and become a tradition where we’ve made close friends, created new holiday rituals, transformed patterns of isolation and burn out, and learned fun and innovative new ways of nourishing ourselves and celebrating.

And this year, I found the solution to all the pieces of the challenge that felt misaligned.

The tradition lives on — in a new format that feels nothing but energizing and EXCITING.

I’ll be running a new mini-practice, The Heartwork Holiday, inside my membership program, The Heartwork Collective®.

The Holiday Challenge is now the 7-day Heartwork Holiday
7 Days of Self-Care, Nourishment & Sisterhood!

I got rid of the program launch, giving away all my heart for free and changed it into a live experience.

Are you feeling called to join us? Here are the dates and details you need to know!

December 7th. To start the month, you’ll fill out the emergent survey so I can customize and curate our Heartwork Holiday commitment around your biggest desires and greatest challenges. I’ll share with you the collective threads emerging from the women who are committed to joining and who we’ll be working with for the month.

December 14th-20th. We’ll be in practice together every day, with a new simple action and devotion. This week will help each of you in the Collective to take better care of yourselves, start new traditions, and nourish yourself and your family through the holidays. We’ll start off with our normal 1-hour sisterhood call and kick off the Heartwork Holiday.

Every day that week you’ll join me — and a new soulful, empowering woman leader each day — live on Zoom for 15 minutes to receive your challenge of the day. We’ll learn and participate together in sisterhood with a new practice each day.

This year is extra-special because we get to be LIVE! These calls will be at lunchtime each day, and will be recorded as well for women inside the Collective.

Then on December 20th, we’ll close with our Winter Solstice Heartwork Collective® Quarterly Virtual Retreat.

I’m excited to put six years of experience running the Holiday Challenge — and helping women change their lives during this time of year — into a 1-week intimate live practice. I’m bringing the best of my experience and leadership into a potent, powerful and beautiful experience that will honor this time of year and this tradition we’ve all grown to love sharing together.

This challenge used to be a free experience — in exchange, we’d open applications to join Mentor Masterclass and use the Holiday Challenge as a way to promote awareness about the program.

We will NOT be doing that with this new challenge. Because this devotional practice is being created for the Heartwork Collective® members, it will be all about and only about your self-care and creating a life-changing experience for you… that you’ll remember forever.

If you’d only like to join for the month of December and experience the new Heartwork Holiday with us live, you can join now for just $44. And if you’d like to join us for the Heartwork Holiday only, you can cancel anytime.

You’ll receive the live calls, daily practices, all recordings AND the virtual Winter Solstice Retreat, all for $44…

It’s also your last chance to join The Heartwork Collective® at the founding member’s pricing — membership rates will increase in January 2021, but you’ll have your founding members’ rate locked in for life.

Let’s continue our sisterhood holiday tradition together — and welcome our new sisters, too! Be sure to start your Heartwork Collective® trial membership by December 6 at 5:00pm Eastern so you’ll automatically save your spot in the Heartwork Holiday.

All my love,


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