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This is Where We Go From Here — New World Strategies

March 31st, 2020 | no comments

How are you, really? How’s it going over there?

I’m sitting in my bedroom, NOT walking today since there’s a mix of sleet and snow outside. I just nursed Autumn to sleep. I sat down excited to record this episode, and she woke up and started crying.  

That’s life right now, quarantined. It doesn’t really feel possible to get things done.  

I love it, and I’m frustrated beyond belief. Just holding the paradox and full range of this experience — it’s a lot. Am I right?

I went to find my husband, who took the baby so I could record this for you. We’d decided that today was my designated work day, tomorrow is his.  

This is how we have been supporting each other. Taking turns.

So Brent’s with the baby, my four year-old is watching Frozen II for the 47th time, and I’m here with you. Hi! 

What’s your life looking like these days?

Maybe this society-wide breakdown is so we can have a breakthrough. I really feel that intuitively. In so many ways we’ve been stupid as humans, wandering through life without intention — and so we’ve needed to slow down, to start caring for ourselves and our planet.

We’ve made some major mistakes. Is this our chance to be more careful? To do things right this time? There are plenty of days when this seems 100% correct to me.

Then the very next day, I find myself thinking AHH how much longer can I do this? I have a mortgage to pay, clients to care for… and now I’m supposed to homeschool my daughter, too? While we’re all stuck in the house?

It feels like a roller coaster, doesn’t it? One of the biggest differences is… we don’t know when the ride will come to an end.

All these things can be true at the same time, though… it’s a crazy ride we didn’t ask for, AND it’s our chance to be with ourselves and run our culture at a slower pace.

It’s really hard. And it’s a gift, too. We’re experiencing our full range during this quarantine because we’re invited to be with ourselves.

There’s no map right now, no certainty. So we have to be still and use our intuition to discover where to go next…

And it starts with emergence.

Are you ready? Let’s do this.

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how to listen to your intuition
Listen to Your Intuition to Build Your Life & Business
life coach training certification


This is Where We Go From Here — New World Strategies

Coaches and wellness professionals are needed more during tough times. Do you have the capacity to show up grounded, clear, and ready for all of it?

Your intuition is your guide. There’s no marketing firm, publisher, or authority that’s going to be able to tell you what to do to thrive through this.  

If you keep flailing and looking outside of yourself, jumping from one thing to the next, you’ll suffer needlessly.

As you build your business or take it to the next level, it’s NOT about extrinsic strategies, it’s about a connection to your wise counsel and guidance from within.

Last week we talked about intuition, and how it helps you find the meaning in between what’s going on. It’s what we need right now, and it’s a practice.

On this week’s walk we’re talking about emergence, which means coming into view after being concealed.

Kind of perfect, right?

Your intuition is front and center now. As you build your business or take it to the next level, it’s not about marketing strategies, it’s about a sense of guidance from within.

So, how are you coming into view in these unprecedented days? What have you outgrown? Where do you want to go from here, in this new economy full of new needs and a new normal?

Listen to this week’s episode now!

On our walk this week, we’ll be talking about: 

  • The only thing you need to be doing in this moment (I talk about this at the 17:40 point in the episode)

  • Why you should ask yourself, “What am I seeing come into view right now?” That’s emergence! (18:45)

  • How archetypes can help you break your old patterns (19:55)

  • The questions I hope you’ll be thinking about this week, until we meet up again (20:08)

  • Why right and wrong thinking doesn’t work right now (20:22)

  • And so much more…

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In many ways, the world has hit pause. That’s not true of our profession at all, though! They need us more than ever.

So let’s put our heads down, join hands (energetically), and emerge.

Take a deep breath and come walk with me!

All my love,


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I can’t wait to read your application!

P.P.S. Seriously, let me know how you’re doing in the comments or let me know on Instagram @jeannine.yoder. I read every comment and post! Paint us a picture of what these socially distanced times are looking like you for you.


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