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This Mentor Masterclass Special Pricing (And Scholarships!) Won’t Last Long

October 20th, 2020 | no comments

As these uncertain times are unfolding, the dreams we’ve been holding beneath the surface are rising to the top for all of us…

For me, I kept on feeling an intuitive nudge to sell our home and move, to start a new membership community, and more. And so I did!

I couldn’t see into the future to know exactly how it would all turn out — I just knew it wasn’t the time to hold back.

What about you? In your quiet moments, are you still feeling called to become a life coach? If you’re nodding your head YES as you read this, I’ve been hearing from a lot of women just like you lately…

And I’ve been telling them, If you’re feeling that intuitive nudge, the time to step out and finally invest in yourself is now.

A life coaching career is perfect for women looking for a full-time career path. It’s also perfect to add as a supplement to your current work — you can make it your side hustle or your (lucrative) passion project.

We’ll all remember 2020 as being full of setbacks and uncertainty — but it’s not over quite yet.

This can still be YOUR year, when you finally take your place in our global sisterhood and join my all-in, life coaching program, Mentor Masterclass.

This Mentor Masterclass Special Pricing (And Scholarships!) Won’t Last Long

If you’re determined to keep moving ahead — and stop passively waiting for life to improve and start leaning on yourself and YOUR gifts — I want to make my master-level coaching program more accessible than ever…

It’s why I’m sharing:

  • Five scholarships for new Mentor Masterclass students

  • Throwback pricing

  • Generous 2-year payment plans

When you enroll in Mentor Masterclass, you’ll get access to:

  • Live Group Training Calls. Meet with the Mentor Masterclass community (and me, of course!) as we learn, share, and support each other. We meet as a group for the first three Mondays of every month. (That’s 36 live training sessions.)

  • Celebrity Mentor Training. Learn from successful role models, thought leaders, and coaches who’ll give you clear and specific action steps to achieve your goals.

  • In-depth Workbooks. Each monthly workbook is a stand-alone training module with its own focus. The workbooks are designed to be your guide as you learn, practice, and integrate the lessons and concepts into your coaching practice. Each workbook contains between 12 and 75 coaching tools, techniques, and conversation models you can use to start and grow your coaching practice.

  • Weekly Action Assignments. You’ll follow the action assignments every week as they walk you through the deep self discovery, new behavior, and personal transformation that helps make you a better coach.

  • Coaching Practice Partners. Practice and strengthen your coaching skills. Together you’ll take turns practicing the new coaching tools, techniques, and conversation models you learn each week. Because you’re both going through the program together, the practice sessions are a powerful way to receive support and encouragement from someone you deeply connect with and respect – and offer the same in return.

  • Sister Circle. Learn and grow in sisterhood and support. After you join Mentor Masterclass you’ll be thoughtfully placed in a weekly sister circle, based on what seems to be a good fit for your unique personality and time zone.

  • Progress Tracking & Celebration Tools. Use the “Play Full Out” (PFO) weekly checklist to help keep your focus and avoid overwhelm. (Plus, when you complete your checklists, you unlock extra bonus content each month!)

  • Private Facebook Group. Get support from your sisters and me inside the Mentor Masterclass Facebook community. The private group is a 24/7 chance to ask questions, get answers, connect with your sisters, and lean into your new role as a coach and as a leader.

If you’re feeling called to say YES (or even think you might be), take the next step and send in your no-strings-application for Mentor Masterclass.

Then if you’re accepted, I’ll share all the new options — and together we’ll discern whether you’re a good fit for a scholarship when you join me for an intimate sister circle consultation.

Just apply now for a scholarship, right here!

All my love,


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