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Turn Your Big Dreams Into A Step-By-Step Plan

September 19th, 2017 | no comments

Hey lady love! I’m in L.A soaking up the sun with Brent and Violet, throwing a baby shower for my little sister, leading an in-person retreat for everyone on my team and getting ready to fly to Sonoma in a few days to lead the Captivating Feminine Leadership Retreat for women coaches joining me from around the world! I’m feeling super inspired by all of the in-person connection with family, my team, clients and a circle of amazing leaders that I’ve invited to speak at the retreat.  

I love introducing you to inspiring coaches and thought leaders who I know will have a powerful impact on your journey to becoming a master life coach. That’s what the Sister Spotlight series here on Wake Up Wednesday is all about. I feature a Mentor Masterclass grad and alumnae coach who truly came into her own over the course of the program, and has gone on to share her gifts with the world in a beautiful way.

Today you’ll get to meet Amelie Mettenheimer, a master life coach who is super-important in my life right now. She’s a Mentor Masterclass grad of course, but she also now works with me on my team as my retreat doula, helping me bring powerful retreat experiences to women around the world. Amelie is even a sister guide inside Mentor Masterclass – she’s come back to mentor current students just as they’re trying to figure out how their brand can reflect who they are and how they can take action.

Phew! As you can probably tell I love Amelie, admire her work, support her work, and love to receive her support. You are going to love her, too!

She’s the creator of She’s on a mission to help new coaches go from overwhelm and chaos to smooth operators by creating more freedom and ease. Having grown up (and still living) in Europe, the US and South Africa, she’s uniquely in-tune with the needs of the modern female entrepreneur.

Amelie’s past work includes: running events for Meryl Streep and James Franco (among many others), creating and hosting workshops in paradise locations, coaching individuals around the world and teaching the latest tools and technology you can use to work smarter, not harder.

When you PRESS PLAY on the video below, you’ll find out:
  • What Amelie used to say to me over and over during her time in Mentor Masterclass when she was working with big-time celebs – and how she looks at life now, instead. The shift is HUGE and I know you’ll relate to this. (You can jump to the 4:57 mark in the video to learn more.)

  • What you can do instead if something doesn’t bring you joy. (7:57)

  • Why the solopreneur’s MASSIVE to-do list can lead to a masculine way of business that leads to stress and losing money. (10:02)

The Powerful Planning One-Day Virtual Retreat

Amelie has so many incredible gifts and I’m honored she’s created this exclusive opportunity just for our sisterhood. Don’t miss this!

Are you wondering how you can create ease in your business?

Are you still trying to get a firm grip on who you really are as a coach, a business owner, and a brand?

What’s your forward-looking plan? How can you get a few steps ahead?

Where do you need to focus to finally make it all a reality? The truth is, you need the dedicated time and the space set aside to feel into these questions.

Amelie has created a virtual retreat workshop that combines self-care, the clarity you need to move forward, and the space to dive into powerful planning.

Join Amelie for a few hours on October 8th, 1pm EST to feel into all of this and more.

Walk through everything with Amelie, step-by-step:
  • What’s your 5-year plan?

  • What do you need to do in the next 90 days?

  • What are 3 things you need to do today?

  • You’ll walk away with all this and more – and the whole process will be filled with ease.

You’ll never wonder again, Where do I begin? or What should I be doing next?

Set aside these few hours and save weeks, months, and years down the line. Skip the false starts, the regrouping and the do-overs. It’s where too many new coaches get stranded!

Mark your calendars and take advantage of this time to sit down and move toward your goals with Amelie.

Ready to sign up? Click here (it’s FREE!)

I can’t wait to hear about your breakthroughs and step-by-step plans to finally run your dream business the way you’ve always wanted to – with confidence and ease.

Click here to sign up for Amelie’s FREE virtual retreat workshop on October 8th!

All my love,


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