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Use This Ritual to Cut Through the B.S. & Prioritize What Truly Matters: A Peek Inside This Month’s Heartwork Collective® Breathwork & Journaling Session

October 27th, 2020 | no comments

Grounded Momentum: How To Nurture Delegate & Prioritize All That You Are Called To Guide & Hold…

That’s the October theme we’re exploring inside The Heartwork Collective® membership community.


Listen to this behind-the-scenes audio from inside The Heartwork Collective® and you’ll see!

I created this month’s theme based on the Heartwork Collective®’s emergent survey results. It’s my innovative, deep-dive survey that gets into the hearts and the minds of the women in our circle.

Each question is designed to help them get clear about the real thing that’s keeping them stuck right now — and what they need to move through it gracefully, in less then one months’ time.

It’s customized and in the moment, based on what these women tell me they need right now.

A Peek Inside This Month’s Heartwork Collective Breathwork & Journaling Session

Reading through this month’s emergent survey results, it was clear that when it came to prioritizing the details of their lives, the women of the Collective have been (understandably!) getting stuck and feeling ungrounded.

They shared how:

  • Between their kids, business, family, friends, and community needs, they couldn’t quite master balancing it all

  • With all the different strategies and tools and projects out there that they could be using, they were unsure which ones to focus on

  • They sometimes didn’t know where to focus their energy in the first place, especially with the uncertainty present in our world today…

As I read through the emergent survey results, I could feel the under current and collective tie coming together.

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Listen, these women had no idea what their sisters in the membership would report on the survey — yet what they were sharing was bonded by an undercurrent of challenge and desire… My job is to weave this into one beautiful theme for our month of October.

I’m finally creating, leading and innovating a way of doing the kind of work I do 1:1 with clients, into a group setting. I’ve never seen a group run like this before.

Covid-19 has taught us all that the masculine way of using structures and systems to create certainty are facades.

Because you can never really know what’s going to happen, you’re forced to live outside the current moment with a set of unrealistic expectations.

Emergence is a practice that proves the feminine is trustworthy, and even better, at creating sustainable business plans.

When you master deciding what’s needed in the moment and can show up for it… well, then you really have a chance of creating certainty that can never be messed with.

I’ve been studying, practicing, and mastering emergence — and it’s the only way I’m able to deep dive as I work with the women in Heartwork on the things that are actually real and happening right now…

All in a way that feels intimate and potent for each member.

To respond to the challenges and desires they shared in the emergent survey, I’m sharing proven coaching techniques that work, along with sacred ritual and sisterhood support.

Each month, our process helps them embody the muscles to know what they want, how they desire support, and then to practice receptivity and self-responsibility in an empowered circle.

And so this month I held a Grounded Momentum Intuitive Journaling Practice & Breathwork Session for the women inside the Collective.

A Peek Inside This Month’s Heartwork Collective Breathwork & Journaling Session

They only needed 45 minutes of uninterrupted time for journaling, a quiet place to lay down, a cozy blanket, and a pen and journal (essential oils were optional!).

Together we used breathwork and a collective journaling session to slow down. I guided the women to connect with their nervous systems and move out of the fight-or-flight zone.

When you’re in a state of fight or flight, you’re disconnected from your heart, inner wisdom and powerful guidance. You can’t tell what’s an emergency and what’s not.

So, the first step we took together during our breathwork and collective journaling session was to slow down, and access a wiser sense of discernment about what they actually need to be holding — and what needs to be shared or put down.

Want a peek inside our journaling practice from the event? Grab a pen and paper and feel into one of the prompts I asked the women this month — and see what comes up for you:

Where do you want to go? What goals and or vision are pulling you most forward? What are you building momentum toward? Describe the moment you’ve been waiting for? Feel it as if it has come to fruition. Describe everything about the situation you are actively moving toward, dreaming about and just can’t wait for.

I’ve been fine-tuning these strategies I’m sharing in Heartwork strategy for 10 years now. And using this experience to build Heartwork myself from the ground up feels like my first mastery level painting as a trained artist.

Would you like to see how it feels to be part of our sisterhood inside the Heartwork Collective®?

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All my love,


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