A full or half-day to focus on:
  • Your unique feminine business model.
  • Realigning your focus and your schedule to prioritize pleasure and play.
  • Archetypal & Goddess reading: Discover your inner allies.
  • Realigning masculine and feminine energies and actions to balance your greatest ambitions with inner peace and ease.
  • Deep inner work to expand your sense of intrinsic freedom.
  • Creative, action-driven goals for your coaching business.
  • Clarity on where to focus and what to do first.
  • Cultivating powerful resources and connections in the areas of your coaching business where you are feeling stuck.

You have a vision; a dream of creating a six figure coaching business that supports the fabulous, freedom-lit lifestyle you’ve been craving for so long.

When was the last time you had a whole or half-day to focus on just yourself and your business, with the undivided support of an industry expert?

As in: no clients, no calls, nothing but you, your brilliance, and a pro to help you craft a plan of action?

If the answer is “Too long,” or “Never!”, listen up:

I’m now offering private intensive coaching sessions – just you + me + all your biggest goals and questions, for a day of deep guidance and support in your personal life and coaching business.

If you’ve got worries weighing you down, or big action steps you’ve been avoiding, this is the high-level focus you need to make powerful progress on your big vision (the kind that could take months or years to achieve in other courses or long term coaching packages.)

This day is crafted for the extraordinary woman who:
  • Knows everything about limiting beliefs, self care, feminine power and the importance of daily meditation and yet you’re still deferring pleasure for later while falling into masculine patterns that leave you feeling pressured and stuck.
  • Is not attracting the paying clients and raving fans you want and deserve (no matter what you try).
  • Is ready to stand out as a personal brand, and an expert in your industry – but you need guidance to develop a “vibe” that’s all your own.
  • Has led countless free discovery sessions that just don’t convert – despite all the wisdom + magic you dish out.
  • Wants to raise your rates, or transition into a new business model… but you’re not sure how or where to start.
  • Just needs a clear-cut, strategic yet feminine action plan to follow, so you can take your world-changing work to the next level.
  • Has FB stalking “binges” that put you in a comparison rut every time – you want to finally figure out what it takes to sell out programs and live a free life (like the coaches you admire).
  • Is bursting with ideas for programs, retreats and women’s circles but you just can’t seem to create clear offerings that actually sell.

You know your intention:
You want to change more lives, make more money, and become a powerhouse expert in your industry.

So let’s accelerate your path to the freedom and greatness you were born for.

In just ONE memorable day, you could make more progress toward your business goals than you would in 3 or 6 months of struggling on your own.

(Or worse, investing hours of your time and thousands of dollars on long-term coaching & programs that lack the exact focus + immediate integration you need NOW.)

Results you can expect from the Intent to Live Experience:
  • A new approach to creating and running your programs that honor your strengths, deepest wisdom and desires.
  • A funnel and a business model that leaves you feeling spacious and clear on exactly where to focus and what to prioritize.
  • A detailed plan for your first six-figure launch.
  • Internal confidence to embrace your role as a changemaker by actually living a life of freedom and ease NOW.
  • A clear vision of your archetypal energy and goddess allies.
  • Total clarity of focus, balanced feminine & masculine business action steps that will finally feel aligned (no longer leaving pleasure for later and valuing work over play).
  • A detailed list of goals for the year, that inspire and motivate your head + heart (not just written on paper somewhere, soon to be forgotten.)
  • A new sense of confidence in your gifts, instincts, and abilities, so you can build your big vision merging your greatest ambitions with embodied ease
  • A deep understanding of how to call in your ideal clients through mediation, and a business funnel that captivates your girl every time.
  • An integration of deep inner work that will leave you feeling a new sense of internal freedom.

With my full attention and industry expertise, we’ll weave self-love and sovereignty practices into your new business model.

Side by side, we’ll craft a focused business plan that will cater to your unique zone of genius, lifestyle desires, and make you six figures on your next launch (if you so desire). This VIP intensive is designed for women coaches who desire real results, and a noticeable shift into freedom- sooner. I’m here to ensure every moment we spend together is fun, inspired, and laser-focused on the areas of your life & business that need and deserve the most attention.
You will leave your private intensive with:
  • Fearless clarity around the direction of your business, your unique zone of coaching genius, and the ways you can communicate effectively with your ideal tribe.
  • Offerings your ideal clients won’t be afraid to invest in today – because they serve up the best of your wisdom + real results, at a price point you feel great about.
  • A new level of mastery in your coaching practice, so you’re never nervous or unsure about how to serve your clients profoundly.
  • A brand tone and style that’s completely clear and captivating– so you shine, and your perfect people come to you before all other coaches.
  • A step-by-step guide for building a business model and sales funnels that you’ll integrate over the next 3 months (so you stay on track for success).
  • Sales strategy and training – so you can finally learn to close sales without feeling pushy or icky.
What’s included in your intensive investment?
  • 6 hours of 1:1 time with me to cover all of the above, and answer your questions.
  • A glamorous day together in Connecticut or Southern California (your choice upon booking).
  • A beautiful and productive lunch “break”
  • Surprise adventures with me around town (Hellooo spa treatments, and more!!)
  • A detailed welcome packet that includes an in-depth intensive questionnaire, so I can get to know you and your needs before we even begin
  • A clear, written plan of action you can take home with you, so you know exactly what you’ll be working on to hit your first $100k year.

Your investment: $2,500

  • 8 hours of 1:1 time with me to cover all of the above, and answer your questions.
  • Morning yoga + gourmet breakfast with me, to begin our day feeling refreshed, fabulous, and ready to rock.
  • A glamorous day at a New York City hotel, my home in Connecticut or Southern California (your choice upon booking), with a beautiful lunch and surprise adventure with me (Hellooo spa treatments, photoshoots, and more!).
  • A detailed welcome packet that includes an in-depth intensive questionnaire, so I can get to know you and your needs before we even begin.
  • A clear, written plan of action you can take home with you, so you know exactly what you’ll be working on to hit your first $100k year.
  • 2 additional hours of coaching with me, where we can work on anything from your message, your on-stage presence, talk blog topics and content concepts – anything you need, I’m here to offer up all the wisdom and strategic support I can.
  • An exclusive gourmet dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, possibly featuring a celebrity coaching guest you’ll LOVE (who can help you on your path, too.)
  • Overnight accommodations at a luxurious hotel where you can relax and begin to integrate.

Your investment: $5,000



Enter your details to get more info & apply now:

“Spending a half-day with Jeannine in service to bringing my coaching business to life was one of the best investments I have made for my growth.

To have the full focus of this business goddess as we crafted a model for my business to meet my personal goals was invaluable. She guided me in getting super clear on my objectives for the year, then helped me break down the details of what it would take to get there–with ease and grace.

We got intimate with my ideal client, and my favorite part was when Jey would close her eyes and call on her intuition to steer me toward what I may not have been able to see for myself.

I don’t know that I could have developed this “friendship” with my ideal client had I not had Jeannine by my side to introduce us!

Now as I sit down to create my dream business every day I draw on the energetic investment that Jey and I made together in Inspired Living and my mission just flows. The breathtaking view from our creation temple, enjoying a meal and some bubbly with her sweet and playful spirit–the whole setting from beginning to end left me feeling opulent and very special.

I’m so grateful to have this divine feminine powerhouse as my mentor and as my sister.”

~ Cristin Zegers,
Life Coach and a Feng Shui Consultant

After traveling to beautiful New York, Connecticut or Southern California, I’ll put you up in a gorgeous hotel for a 2-night stay.

We’ll start the morning of our experience with yoga or a nature hike followed by breakfast, where we’ll discuss our plans for the day.

Now that we are ready to strategize we’ll begin with the deep inner work and 2-3 hours of coaching honoring your intentions and desires for your intentions for the VIP experience.

Then, we’ll head out for a creative lunch and some spa time, followed by a productive afternoon of coaching at surprise locations and in my home.

If you desire, I’ll invite one or two friends to dinner who I’d like to connect you with.

You’ll leave the day feeling completely clear, focused and enlivened, with a solid plan of action to take home. With the full day you don’t have to worry about traveling, all meals are included and there are more surprise adventures and people involved in our day.

During our day together:

We will redesign your business & lifestyle to maximize freedom, fun and impact.

Together, we’ll focus on creating alignment between your messaging, business model and offerings, with the lifestyle you desire and the contribution you want to make.

Looking at your life with a 360° lens, we’ll ensure that we’re taking steps in alignment with your values and desires, by molding your business model and offerings to integrate with a fabulous lifestyle.

Each intensive is tailored to your unique goals and situation, but below are a few suggestions of topics we can cover:

  • Exactly where you can find paying, perfect clients (so you’ll never again have to say the words “Where are my people hiding?!”.)
  • Tips for handling objection in your discovery sessions, so you can finally stop feeling awkward when it comes to sales conversations.
  • The how-to’s of crafting clear-cut packages and programs, so you know exactly WHAT you are selling and WHY someone would buy your package.
  • How to write sales copy that will send your products flying off the shelves, and into happy buyer’s hands.
  • Tactics for boosting your confidence in your coaching sessions, so you can facilitate life changing results for your clients.
  • Ideas for infusing more of your personality and essence into your brand, so you become the new “Captivating Leader” in the coaching industry.
  • Creating a marketing plan & funnel for the next 90 days so you know what you need to be sending out and when.
  • What it takes to stand out in a crowded market place, filled with what seems like millions of coaches.
  • Community building through social media and list building, so you always have a steady stream of potential clients who can’t wait to work with you.
  • Website design and layout. Go from amateur to pro in your online presence!
  • Creating and styling your own personal branding photo shoot so you have gorgeous photos to use in your business.
  • A deep understanding and new focus to create pleasure and play in your life now as a top priority and resource for streamlining elegance into your business expansion.

Staying overnight for the full day? You’ll also enjoy:

A delicious welcome breakfast and morning yoga or walk with me!

Dinner with a fabulous celebrity coach guest you need to be introduced to.

Moon ceremony and Closing ritual.

Enter your name and email to get the application. Once approved, you can select from the available dates and locations!

“Jey is such a powerful coach, she asks exactly the right questions, challenges me to grow beyond what I thought I was capable of and genuinely believes in me.

She also makes sure that my business is aligned with my unique genius and feels fun and easy. It’s really helpful when she looks at my entire life instead of just a part of it and helps me untangle problems in any area!

After my VIP session with Jey, I feel changed forever. I am so clear and confident, I know exactly what to do and I am excited to follow through on the action plan we created together. After just one day, all the confusion and self doubt was gone.

I got exactly what I needed and the entire day was so much fun! What I loved most was the mix of strategy and inner game.

Jey is masterful at business strategy, life coaching and also brings her priestess wisdom, which is an incredible blend of healing techniques! She really cares and brings so much love. Even just being around her and getting to know her is highly transformational.

Jey has a certain kind of magic and lightheartedness that rubs off on you when you are in person with her.

I am so grateful to have her as my coach!

~ Hanna Bier,
founder of Free Spirited Life Coaching, a Mentor Masterclass certified Life Coach and Emotional Healing Expert

Once you have been approved you can claim your spot and VIP intensive here:

Remember there are only 12 spots available for the full year (1 per month) so be sure to claim your spot today.

Enter your details to get more info & apply now:

“This summer I had the amazing experience of a VIP Half Day Intensive with Jey.

Jey has the uncanny ability to cover a lot of ground in only 6 hours! Through her sovereign leadership, she is able to create and hold space for transformation on all levels. The day began and ended in beauty with full intentionality and direction on my personal and business needs.

I was blown away by the attention to detail and her ability to track my thoughts, resistance and blocks that were showing up. She has an ability to ask very powerful questions that led me to definitive answers from a heart space. Jey also answered any and all of my questions with an equally open heart and was transparent on a visceral level.

As a result of my VIP session I have been able to firmly ground my business, my brand, work though personal financial blocks, create a system for discovering pricing, how I truly desire to live, the power of time in a day, and all the facets of what it means to live in the archetype of the Queen.

We jammed on sisterhood, female energy, and writing powerful copy. Jeannine has a flowing way of sharing information as the day was smattered with ideas unique to my business and strengths. I have learned more about who I am and how my diamond light desires to show up in business and in the world.

The guidance I received has given me the energy and knowing to allow my business to emerge with light, energy, grace and flow. I would recommend Jeannine as a life and business coach to anybody who may be in overwhelm and/or is in search of taking their life and business to the next level.

Working with Jeannine is answering the call to find your powerful, unique feminine voice in a world that truly needs more of that.

There is only one of you and the world is calling.

~ Sarah Tallman,
Dancer, Choreographer, Coach

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