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Walk With Me, Ep. 22: Become a Life Coach Today With These 5 Steps

September 17th, 2019 | 1 comment

I’ve been thinking about this and I want to say it loud and proud.  I can confidently say I’m an expert when it comes to becoming a life coach, starting a successful coaching business — and not only reaching but sustaining a 6+ figure salary doing work you love, without burning out in the launch process. 

It took me a long time to claim this expertise and after 7 years of training over 400 women in my signature life coach training program, Mentor Masterclass, I’ve got a lot to share.

Lately, I’ve been on a journey of transformation, feeling into how I can grow my business exponentially while doing less as we welcome our new little daughter to the world in the fall. While my overall mission has always felt clear, there are many areas of my life that are still taking shape and growing.

Today, I’m getting right there on the level with you, sharing from a completely grounded mastery in my expertise helping women with their coaching businesses.

When you’re first starting out, you’ll need to decide whether this kind of work is for you. What should you be focusing on as you move from aspiring coach to becoming a life coach and how will you reach 6+ figures early on in your coaching career?

On today’s episode, I’m sharing 5 things you NEED to know to become a successful life coach in the first year of building your business. If you want to create sustainable success in your business and create financial freedom, all based around your unique gifts, you can’t do it without taking these 5 steps (in order)…

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life coach training certification
life coach training certification

life coach training certification

1. To Become a Life Coach, Notice the Synchronicities in Your Life

Are you noticing all the ads popping up since you first googled “how to become a life coach”? Do you run to the self-improvement section as soon as you get to the bookstore? Do your friends often lean on you and seek out your support?  Is life throwing you a curve ball that is urging you to do something different? Like maybe, work is feeling a little harder to bare or stability and comfort situations are getting ripped away to make you change your outlook and wake up?

Keep an eye out for the little signs and signals pointing you toward your life’s purpose.

When I first discovered life coaching as a career, it was such an exciting time! I couldn’t help but notice the signs all around me, showing me the way and feeling like I finally had an idea for my life that made sense and was going to change EVERYTHING. 

I always had a feeling of wanting a good life, believing we shouldn’t choose careers for money, but careers that honored our passion, purpose and unique calling. If we’re really going to not only survive but thrive, we need to do work that we were born to do.  I believe we’ve been connected now, in this exact moment, to fully open the door to pursuing your unique calling and honoring the gifts you were born with. 

Growing up, I’d tag along with my parents to their Narcotics Anonymous meetings. I was surrounded by people who were dedicated to creating success in their lives while joined together in community after having hit ROCK bottom. 

The tools my parents learned stood out to me as resources that could be useful for all of us. What if we weren’t starting out at rock bottom? What kind of incredible life was possible? Were there tools even less challenged people could be utilizing, to create dream lives?

These were the first signposts on my journey.  I was only 8 years old.

The invitations, signals and signs got stronger and stronger until I finally caught on to the truth that becoming a life coach, and training for women who want a successful career as a life coach was my unique calling. 

These aren’t coincidences. They’re signposts, guiding you to take action. The universe, your soul, is waiting for a response from you and delivering these invitations with deep love even if it feels a bit hard. So, what should you do?

You’ll hear me talk about this at the 3-minute mark in today’s episode.

2. To Become a Life Coach, Take Action and Pursue Your Calling

From the beginning of my coaching journey, I’ve always been curious about the difference between women who create the coaching business of their dreams and experience six-figure success, and those who get stuck in the stage of merely thinking about it or burning out after joining a training program that didn’t get them started with a strong foundation or expert level training in life coaching session skills and business training.

The difference, I’ve found, is based on the level of your commitment, resourcefulness and the right mentorship.

If you’re feeling a sense of drive to become a life coach and you’re noticing this could be your purpose and lifelong legacy, start viewing this work as a calling and not just another job. Once you tap into your purpose, the clarity you’ll experience will inspire you to take action and when you are pursuing your calling there is nothing that can stop you from making $100,000 or more as a life coach.

A job is an exchange of energy where you do a task, and someone provides money. A calling, on the other hand, is a field of energy that emerges from who you are. It’s the difference between dwelling in a miraculous universe and struggling every day.

Take action and make the universe a more beautiful place by finally leaving your legacy. Get training, become an expert, and assert yourself in this rapidly growing coaching industry. Do this, and watch your entire life become a way to serve the world.

At the 13-minute point in the episode, I dive deep into how you can start acting on your dreams, now and creating a successful career as a life coach.

3. To Become a Life Coach, Find a Life Coach Training Program, And Get a Life Coaching Certification, That Best Fits Your Lifestyle Needs

As an aspiring six-figure life coach, are you trying to hit it big by taking free trainings on the internet? 

As you know, I LOVE sharing free training and events with you… and yet, I still believe that limiting yourself to free content is greatly affecting your success. It’s feeding your scarcity mindset.  Successful women have high values and play a big game. I want to support you in breaking through the block of hiding in smallville.

From a business perspective, I’ve learned that investing in myself as a coach has been my ticket to life altering success.

Coaching is a quickly-growing career —a $2 billion industry as of 2012, and it’s only kept growing since then. 

Most coaches are charging between $100-$300/hour, and specialized coaches easily charge $500+. And that’s just for one-on-one sessions! Most coaches also offer group programs, masterminds, and more that allow them to have multiple income streams.

Personal trainers, studio owners, teachers, nurses and other career professionals are recognizing that getting coach training is the ticket to taking their time and financial freedom to the next level.

It makes me so happy to watch our larger culture discover how coaches have been transforming lives for so many years now. 76% of coaches feel very optimistic about their decision to become a coach and fully expect to increase their revenue in the future because of this growing reverence for the profession.

And I’m proud to say the women who enroll in my signature life coach training program Mentor Masterclass aren’t just driven by money (although it’s a byproduct of putting great training into action, within a quickly-growing industry), but instead they’re driven by things that can never be measured by dollars and cents. 

They love the personal sense of power they get from being a coach — the time flexibility, being of service to people who value their expertise, and deciding exactly what they’ll work on, when and who they’ll work with.

Does this sound amazing to you, too?

At the 17:15 mark in the episode I talk all about what else powerful training can do for your business, how there actually is no nationally-recognized certification for becoming a coach (and what that means for the coaching program you choose), and more.  

I know you want to know how to get a life coach training certification and this episode will answer all of your questions about certification requirements in the life coaching industry.  Plus, I’ll share my advise on the best life coach training program and certification you can get.

4. To Become a Life Coach, Use the 4-Step Coaching Method I Teach in Mentor Masterclass (an all-in life coach training and certification course for women)

I was first inspired to create my yearlong, all-in life coach training, Mentor Masterclass when women kept coming to me and asking, “Jey, how did you create success and reach 6 figures so quickly when you became a life coach? Can I pick your brain?” 

I firmly believe my success happened so quickly because of the balanced masculine-feminine approach I took to business early on. My true purpose became creating a system helping women make the shift from 9-5 jobs to sovereignty and freedom doing work they love as a life coach.

I was determined to create a course that teaches my students how to get results in a way that feels completely aligned with who they are, doesn’t burn them out and involves intimate mentorship and sisterhood support.

Did you know the International Coach Federation life coach training certification and any program under these requirements does not let you start making great money as a life coach in the first year? Furthermore, You’re not allowed to create your own business model and discover your own uniqueness or style of coaching.  In these programs you are taught to fit into a mold that makes it very hard for you to stand out or connect to your unique essence as a coach. As a result, students graduate without knowing how to create a unique purpose in the industry, scale your business, and create unique products and services that are fun and marketable.

This never happens to my Mentor Masterclass grads! 

My successful process for becoming a certified life coach has four steps — I call it the RSVP process, and here’s how you will go through it in Mentor Masterclass:

  • R – Reflect and Restore. (Week 1 of every month – Stage 1, Unconscious Incompetence) We start each month learning a new set of coaching tools, techniques, and conversation models under one overarching theme. Rather than using these tools to serve your clients, you’ll turn the focus inward and apply them to your own life. We call week 1 “Walking Our Talk.”

  • S – Simplify and Share. (Week 2 of every month – Stage 2, Conscious Incompetence) The second week of each month gives you the chance to move into a leadership role and start coaching.  I’ll intimately connect you with a woman who will be your partner and playground for becoming a successful life coach your first week in the program (Yes love, that soon!)  

  • V – Verify and Validate. (Week 3 of every month – Stage 3, Conscious Competence) In week 3 your focus is to build on what you accomplish during weeks 1 and 2 and learn how to prospect for paying clients as a result of discovering your unique essence, edge and coaching style.  

  • P – Power. (Week 4 of every month – Stage 4, Unconscious Competence) The fourth week of every month is all about embracing your feminine power.  I’ll teach you everything you need to know about marketing.  From copywriting, selling, growing a social media following, list and creating a feminine business model.

When the Universe is inviting you to find your purpose, respond! RSVP with an unmistakable YES by taking action and you will see that there is no reason why you are not destined to have incredible financial success.

You can hear even more about exactly what we do in Mentor Masterclass and how I help women reach 6+ figures as a life coach while they are in the year long training with me at the 28:15 point in the episode.

5. To Become a Life Coach, Set Aside Time for Self-Discovery

The Mentor Masterclass Self-Discovery Week is seven days of soulful practices to help you finally lay down that heavy protective shield and lone warrior mindset. You’ll move into the energy and clarity to launch your dream business on a foundation built on ease. It’s a present reality you can choose — and a future you will begin to create over the next 7 days in this free self-discovery program. If you are serious about becoming a life coach and getting your coaching certification, get started today with the free self discovery week. In less than 7 days, you will have already started training and most of your confusion and questions will be answered because of committing to this experience.

And if you’re already in Mentor Masterclass or in another coach training program? Meet up with me and your sisters from around the world at my exclusive four-day in-person event, The Captivating Feminine Leadership Retreat, on the beautiful and sacred land of Sonoma, CA.  We’ll create your feminine business model together, over 4 days.  

It’s time to put your dreams, plans, and calling into action. Come walk with me and dive even deeper into these five steps in today’s podcast episode!

All my love,


P.S. Tuition for Mentor Masterclass will go up in 2020. For the rest of this year, I’ll be offering Mentor Masterclass at its current price with the CFL in-person retreat included. I look forward to receiving your application and setting aside time to answer all your questions about Mentor Masterclass. You can apply right here!



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  1. One more brilliant episode full of generous insights and directions. Havig been on the path of coaching for some time, as well as being a member of Mentor Masterclass allows me to truly relate to the pieces of advice shared above. I honestly believe that the right path is unfolding in front of us and that we still need to keep walking in the right direction. And the latter is much easier when you have access to aligned resources allies. 🙂

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