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Walk With Me, Ep. 23: How to Become a Successful Life Coach And Make $100,000 a Year in Your Coaching Business

September 24th, 2019 | 1 comment

Last week I shared my expertise with you and revealed exactly what it takes to become a life coach.

I don’t know if you know this, but I was one of the only students in my life coach training class who made it to a six-figure year — in just 14 months of becoming a life coach. It was one of the reasons I appeared on the cover of The New York Times so soon after I started my coaching business.

Aspiring coaches began seeking me out, asking me how to make $100,000 a year in a coaching business too.

It inspired me to create Mentor Masterclass, my year-long, comprehensive coach training program based on the foundation of business training, proven coaching techniques, self-care, and sisterhood — all taught by the most successful coaches and thought leaders in our industry. Women get to work with me intimately to learn the proven way to run a soul-aligned coaching business.

On today’s episode of the Walk With Me podcast, we’re talking about what it really takes to become a successful life coach, create a steady stream of clients with a clear business model, and enjoy a spacious life you love. 

I know you’re going to love this episode — it’s our very last one of the series!

The key to all of this is knowing where to focus to grow your coaching business. So what does that really look like in your life on a day-to-day basis?

Listen to this week’s episode here:

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You won’t learn how to make $100,000 in your coaching business if you are copying someone else’s business model.

On today’s walk, we’ll be talking about:

  • What a feminine business model actually is (I talk about this at the 8:20 point in the episode)

  • The difference between Masculine and Feminine Business Models — and why you must bring feminine wisdom and masculine loyalty into your business if you want to make $100,000 or more as a life coach (9:00)

  • Why the key to becoming a successful life coach is embodiment, which means your physical, emotional, and spiritual elements are all connected… and how embodiment leads to innovation (10:40)

Becoming a Successful Life Coach And Making 6-figures (or more) as a Coach Starts With Your Learning How to Create a Feminine Business Model

In my recent masterclass, I walked you through all 7 steps for creating a feminine business model capable of generating $100,000 a year — very early on in your coaching business.

Today I’ll be giving you a sneak peek, sharing the first two pillars of this 7-part process and new training on our walk in today’s episode…

Listen to this week’s episode now!

Pillar 1. Knowing who you are soulfully called to serve in this moment of your coaching business, with awareness and openness. 

(To hear me talk about this pillar, just skip to the 15:10 point in the episode.)

If you’re targeting a wide audience, you won’t be able to hone in on who needs and wants your services most — and your unique essence won’t shine through.  You will never become a successful coach if you are unclear about who you work with and how you get them results.

Everything in your life has been guiding you to create a successful coaching business. Who are you called to serve, and how can you help them solve their specific problem? 

In my new training, Create Your Feminine Business Model 2-Hour Workshop: 7 Steps to Create and Run a Soul Aligned Business — Without Sacrificing Love, Time & Financial Freedom, I take you through a high-level coaching technique that will help you complete the first pillar of your feminine business model.

Once you know yourself and your gifts, you’ll be able to create client avatars of real people you’ve met. Where do they live and hang out? What common challenges do they have? How do use your unique gifts as a life coach to help them solve a problem they’re facing?

Then you’ll gather it all up into one powerful statement. I’m happy to share mine: I train women who want to create time and financial freedom by pursuing their calling to become a life coach and leading a successful career as a coach and entrepreneur. 

Now, it’s time to create your own offerings. Will you be offering one-on-one sessions with your clients? How about masterminds? Or maybe retreats?

To determine which offerings you’ll create for your clients, you’ll first need to identify your market. What exactly is a market?

  • A customer base made up of a group of people who are aware they’re a part of a community. For instance, they might be moms, dentists, or women with Crohn’s disease. 

  • This community has a problem they’re aware of, or goal they’re having trouble achieving… and most of them do.

  • Finally, this community must believe there is a solution.

You should feel comfortable, in a state of flow and ease, when you’re serving the members of this community. Choose a market you can connect with, who you can talk about using concrete stories. (I walk you through this process process and so much more in my new training Create Your Feminine Business Model 2-Hour Workshop.)

Once you’ve created a service that solves a problem for them, your clients, visibility, and magnetism all starts to flow effortlessly.

Pillar 2. Knowing how you take care of yourself and your business.

(I jump into this pillar at the 27:15 mark in the episode.)

It can feel a bit hard to have a life outside of your pursuing your passion and building a successful coaching business, and you MUST separate yourself from your business in order to create true success as a life coach.  

Your worthiness can not come from the results you’re getting in your business. You’ll burn out. 

You are not your business. You’re the funnel, the creator, that allows this business to exist in human form. Your business has a mission of its own. And your essence must be found within your life and yourself, not within your business.

For instance, I’ve built a trusting relationship with myself and an empowered group of entrepreneurs and sisters from around the world. I’ve always hired a coach. I’ve created an empowering relationship with my husband, and a support team for my children and home so there’s always space for play and pleasure.  This is what allows have a successful career as a life coach.

I also have a time structure in place for my responsibility to be a healthy happy person, mom, wife, friend, business owner, teacher, homeowner, and part of a larger extended family.

My business support team supports my work/life balance by supporting the completion of all the tasks needed to keep my business model humming along.

Before you create and deliver your offerings, you must have a plan in place to take care of yourself and emotionally separate from your business so it doesn’t consume your identity. From there, you’re free to create your services to take you to your six-figure dreams (or whatever your personal goal looks like). 

When you listen to the episode, you’ll hear me share all about not only my paid programs, but my free offerings, too. These help students get to know me better as I build awareness for my paid programs. You can hear all the details at the 33:17 mark in the episode — it might spark some inspiration for your own offerings! 

As you master all of this and more in my new 2-hour training, you’ll discover how to lead your clients to learn about their services and attract paying coaching clients of their own.

Come walk with me and listen to this week’s episode now!

If you’re feeling called to keep moving forward in this training and discover the next five pillars of creating a feminine business model that can take you to six figures (and beyond), I’ve created a special limited-time offer for you…

Get instant access to Create Your Feminine Business Model 2-Hour Workshop: 7 Steps to Create and Run a Soul Aligned Business — Without Sacrificing Love, Time & Financial Freedom at a limited-time, VIP price

In this training, I’ll show you exactly how to stop making the biggest mistake most women entrepreneurs, coaches and healers are making (that leads to burnout and scaring away dream clients) — even if you’re timid and judgemental of your own healing gifts and abilities, We can work on the essential pillars together and begin creating your business model, right there in the workshop…

Get Create Your Feminine Business Model 2-Hour Workshop: 7 Steps to Create and Run a Soul Aligned Business — Without Sacrificing Love, Time & Financial Freedom 

I’ve never offered this before — it’s the first time you can get access to this content without being enrolled in Mentor Masterclass or another program.This VIP price point won’t last long, so if you’re feeling called to take the leap of faith and begin creating your business model, there will never be a better (or more affordable!) opportunity. 

All my love,


P.S. You can get instant access to my new training, Create Your Feminine Business Model 2-Hour Workshop: 7 Steps to Create and Run a Soul Aligned Business — Without Sacrificing Love, Time & Financial Freedom, at a VIP price point that won’t last long.



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  1. What a journey,Jey! I can’t believe that we have already been through over 20 episodes. Thank you for this powerful act of completing this part of the podcast adventure. I love the way in which you manage to introduce structure, yet with the clear awareness that it is supposed to open up space for feminine flow. I also found your personal examples very enriching. Looking forward to how your podcast brilliance might evolve once you are ready to return to it. Blessings

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