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What Do You Most Want To Call Into Your Life? Let’s Make It Happen, Starting Now

March 10th, 2020 | no comments

Oh. My. Gosh… it’s here. The first episode of season four of the Walk With Me Podcast!

Is winter almost over? I could not be more excited…

So, I’ve got to admit that I have control issues. Yeah, I know you’ve got them too! It’s okay. We’re okay.  

A few minutes into recording this episode, the birds stopped chirping and it started pouring rain — so instead of forcing myself to walk in the rain (you know my podcast is called Walk With Me and we walk outside right?) I regrouped and recorded the rest of the episode inside, while bouncing on a medicine ball…

And it was kind of perfect. Because I was on a rant — talking about emergence.  

I go deep in the episode, but on a basic level it’s about noticing what’s happening right now, and leading from there…  

Listen to this week’s episode here:

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Episode 4.1, emergence

I was almost going to force myself to walk another 25 minutes in the rain or shut down what I’d already started and wait for a bright sunny day.  

How ridiculous. All because I had a set of predefined expectations and rules.  

Listening to what my intuition and earth was saying at that exact moment would only make me feel better and achieve my goal with more grace. 

So, I changed the rules. That’s what happens when you are committed to emergence.  You wake the F&#k UP!

When we’ve experienced trauma, we try to control our lives by putting big plans and structures in place, in order to feel safe. The problem is those structures were not sourced from all the resources we have available to us.  

Why would we limit ourselves in that way? For a false sense of safety.  That’s why. Are you catching on? 

There is new information emerging every moment, of every day.  So the question really is…

What’s possible in our lives and our businesses when we are paying attention to what is right in front of us?

This is just the beginning of what we’ll be diving into this season. Are you even ready for this?

I know, I can’t wait!  

On today’s walk (that turned out not to be a walk) I want to know: what is the impact you want to have?

On this season of the podcast we’re going to do things differently. 

I’m on the other side of maternity leave — and I’ve become fascinated by emergent leadership. How can we make an impact in the world, while really enjoying the pleasures of our everyday lives? I’m committing to noticing what’s happening right now, and leading from there. 

If last week I had straw available to build my house and today there is a pile of bricks, why would I keep going with the weakest option?

I don’t want to JUST achieve goals for the sake of staying active. I want to enjoy the process, create something innovative and sustainable. I also believe we can join forces as we pull our resourcefulness from what’s right in front of us.

So, get ready because this season is going to evolve as we go. Because, Emergence. 

On today’s walk, I’m asking YOU a question to start off our season four journey: what is the impact you want to have in your life?

What do you want to come into contact with? What do you want to call into your life, magnetize, and set off?

I’m working with my own coach on emergent leadership and impact.

What does emergence mean? Let’s decide! The simple start is to be present in the moment, to source information from your intuition and to pay attention to your direct response to what is happening right now.    

Are you able to pay attention to what’s right in front of you — and what it’s asking of you?

For me, so much has changed by asking myself these questions over the last few months.

In today’s podcast episode I share my impact statement with you. It has to do with collaboration and leading a movement where women STOP holding it all.

What about you? Do you desire to enjoy the journey to massive success? Do you know the unique impact you want to have? I have a feeling my in-the-moment share is going to inspire you to get clear on YOUR impact statement too.

Come walk with me (or bounce on a medicine ball like I ended up doing a few minutes into the episode) and I’ll share why I’ve changed so rapidly… and what it means for our work together.

Listen to this week’s episode now!

On our walk we’ll also be talking about: 

  • Why I labeled my current way of being, The Sprinting Warrior Queen Who Jumps To Solo Immediate Protective Action (you’ll hear me talk about this at the 8:30 point in the episode.)

  • Why I mistakenly believed for so long that if I asked for support, everything would come crashing down (9:35)

  • What I’ll be sharing this season on the podcast, including what I learned at the end of my pregnancy about bodily autonomy, trusting my mama bear intuition, and more (10:45)

  • How I became an advocate within the last few months (it’s related to mandated vaccines), and how it’s changed my idea about how I can use my voice (12:00)

  • Why recognizing our way of being allows change to occur — rapidly (18:00)

  • What it means to recognize that you’re not on your own, you’re part of a whole and aren’t responsible for everything that happens in the world (21:00)

  • The true meaning of collaboration, and how it might just hold the next level of success for all of us (22:30)

  • Why I want to have more intimacy with those in my life — including you (23:45)

  • And so much more…

This season, let’s come together and learn to use our voices in new ways, to be in the process of creation, and make something totally new. 

We’ll be there for each other, providing accountability as we confidently emerge and move into this part of life… 

Are you in?

It all starts with our walk today. Come walk with me, and let’s get ignited!


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