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Who do you REALLY want to become? (Choose from 3 FREE workshops!)

January 29th, 2019 | no comments

I’ll be honest with you. These days, I have so much to grieve and process after losing my mother. This is not an easy road.

In my most difficult moments, I find myself turning to a word — a theme — that I’ve chosen very intentionally for this new year ahead. It guides me as I experience the year and helps me master feeling the way I want to feel, as I become the person I desire to be. This theme comforts me while I’m embracing change, darkness, light, and the lack of control I realize we actually have…

My theme for this year is ACCEPTANCE.

In many ways, some things need to die in my life in order for new seeds to be planted and growth to occur. This process is wildly uncomfortable! And acceptance is bringing me a grounded, peaceful, easy feeling as I navigate the greatest challenge, pain, and light of my life.

I can already feel that every moment of this process is worth it, and I’m welcoming it in.

As this new year gets underway, have you discovered the theme that’s calling out to you? I’d love to guide you through this transformative process that’s meant so much to me…

The Power of Themes Free Sisterhood Call is just one of three free ways I can support you — across time zones and continents, right in the middle of our busy lives, at a time that works for you:

1. The Power of Themes Free Sisterhood Call

When we choose a theme, it becomes a powerful lens and opportunity for healing and expansion. By directing our focus, we concentrate the power of intention in one area and we become true leaders in that part of life.

In this powerful call, you will:

  • Discover the power behind choosing a theme for the New Year.

  • Follow a guided meditation to choose your theme for the year — right there on the call.

  • Learn my 4-step RSVP Method for becoming a coach and getting paying clients.

  • Explore how to create a purpose-filled coaching business built on self-care.

Every time I guide women to choose a theme for the year, we open up to experience our divine soul purpose in magical ways. I’m continually amazed at how a theme can change everything about the way we see and respond to events in our lives.

As your theme gradually becomes part of who you are, it helps you answer questions as they arise in your daily life to help you answer questions like:

  • What am I doing?

  • What do I do next?

  • How do I respond to this?

You’ll know exactly when something aligns with this important part of your life. And it is so, so empowering.

Register for The Power of Themes Free Sisterhood Call — at a time that works for you — right here.

2. The Heal Your Money Story Workshop

What it would feel like to allow yourself to value your work in the world— and create your legacy?

I want you to get comfortable with receiving wealth as a result of pursuing your passion.

Join me for this workshop around healing your money story and pursuing your purpose. You can sign up (at a time that works for you) right here.

Developing your own values system helps you get clear on who you are and what kind of life you truly desire. It helps you to know where to focus and what to prioritize.  

I’ll teach you how to stop letting your own stories about never having enough money get in the way of living the life you deserve. Because that’s all they are: stories.

You’ll leave behind the idea that lack of money keeps you from living the life you deserve.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Heal Your Money Story Workshop:

  • How to let go of the money story you’ve been telling yourself so you can create a new reality based on abundance.

  • How to use your NEW money story to fund your dreams and fulfill your divine purpose.

  • How to stop making excuses that keep you “playing small,” so you can start and grow the 6-figure coaching business you deserve. (Yes! You deserve it, sister!)

  • Why NOW is the time to take the next step so you can attract and serve the paying clients who are already out there, and who need your help.

Let’s break through your money limitations once and for all! Choose a time that fits into your schedule when you sign up right here.

3. The Dream Biz Clarity Q&A

Have you been feeling called to join Mentor Masterclass — or maybe you’d like to learn more? The Dream Biz Clarity Q&A is for you.

I know it can feel like a leap of faith to choose a new path and say YES to your dream life. I’ve been there myself!

It’s why I’ve always welcomed questions about Mentor Masterclass. I want everyone to feel completely in the know.

Over the years, these questions have included:

So…give me the sales pitch on the difference between Mentor Masterclass and IPEC.

Sure, there are wild success stories. But do you have stats on the success or failure of coaching businesses of the women who took your course?

Is this a program for building a coaching practice from the ground up?

What’s your background, Jey? How did you know you would be a life coach? How long did it take you to start seeing true income?

Would I finish Mentor Masterclass with a qualification/certification?

Are there payment plans?

Will you teach me more about creating content and how to charge for my work?

How did you tell your friends and family what you were going to do (life coaching)? How did they take it, and how did you take their reaction?

How have your busiest students with full-time jobs and busy lives done in Mentor Masterclass?

Are there any students in the UK or Europe?

Is there a retreat? If so, when?

How do I get a better sense of how to use my personality and my voice in my coaching? How do I bring who I am on the daily into my style when I speak to clients?

What is the community and content of Mentor Masterclass really like?

I love sharing my vision for Mentor Masterclass, and it means the world to me when women meet me with an open heart and I get to share the real, raw truth.

Get on the guest list for the dream Business Clarity Q&A call — and choose the best time for you — right here.

I want to thank you for being here with me every week. And I hope you’ll join me for these workshops, too!

You can register for each of them right here:

This sisterhood we’ve built here means so much to me. I’m deeply honored and so excited to support you in building your wildly successful coaching business and becoming the person you most want to be — in this new year, and beyond.

All my love,


P.S. I’ve got a very important reminder to share with you: the bonus period for Mentor Masterclass enrollments ends TOMORROW!

If you’ve been feeling called to join Mentor Masterclass, this the last chance to apply to join in 2019! We’re only opening up for women to begin in February or March and may not open up any future spots in Mentor Masterclass for 2019.

You’ll get these amazing bonuses when you enroll during our newly extended bonus period (ending TOMORROW, January 31 at 11:59 EST):

Bonus #1 A Box of Magic – Jey’s Favorite Things ($200 value)

In this home-delivered package you’ll receive:

  1. Reading: The ONE book that changed everything for Coach Jey to help achieve coaching mastery.
  2. White Hot Truth by Danielle Laporte: You’llSo you can map out your greatest dreams with your own inner guidance and get to know one of your featured celebrity mentors inside Mentor Masterclass.
  3. Goddess Card Deck: Listening to Divine Messages will transform your life and business and teach you to use your intuition and manifesting abilities.
  4. A UNIQUE Crystal: Picked by Coach Jey, just for YOU! L(learn how to honor and cleanse your energy to be of greatest service using this magic stone.)
  5. A Sacred Writing Journal: To collect your deepest thoughts, wisdom, vision and notes from training.
  6. Handmade Sage Smudge Stick: To clear and cleanse the energy in your space before our sisterhood calls and your paying client sessions.
  7. Beautiful Meditation Coloring Book: Created by an alumnae sister to support your creativity, intrinsic and extrinsic expansion.

This box of magic will be sent directly to your door (or P.O. Box) as Jey’s gift for joining now. and is a $200 value.

Bonus #2 Captivating Feminine Leadership 101- Jey’s VIP Leadership Training ($500 value)

  • Captivating Feminine Leadership 101 is the only training that reveals exactly what you need to go from burnt-out and anxious, to celebrating ease and flow in your approach to sharing your work, heart, and mission with the world. It’s time to heal your fear of being seen.


For all women who choose to pay upfront and in full and enroll during our special bonus period (ending January 31 at 11:59 EST):

PIF Bonus #1:

PIF Bonus #2:

PIF Bonus #3:

Apply to join us in Mentor Masterclass now, while spots are still available for 2019!

All my love,


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