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Wondering What’s Next? How to Make Hard Life Decisions in Uncertain Times

August 13th, 2020 | no comments

I finally had date night with my husband Brent last night!

It felt like so many other fun, romantic times we’ve spent eating our favorite Mexican food and drinking margaritas… except for our masks sitting there beside us on the table. And the fact that we had no server, a modification the restaurant made to cut down on contact between customers and employees…

As wise as measures like masks and social distancing are, it all reminded me that date night is one more thing that’s just a little weird in 2020.

We felt thankful to be out, though — especially after being stuck in our house for most of the year. I know you can relate!

I’ve personally had a very hard time lately sourcing joy or finding ways to align my real life with the things I value most. Partly because we’ve been too busy flying by the seat of our pants, wondering what will happen next! I realized during my breathwork practice earlier this week, I’ve forgotten that I have a choice.

Can I control the timing of things? No.

Can I always have what I want in the exact way I want it? No.

Do I have a choice in how I respond, feel or perceive things? Yes. Always.

On our date last night, we promised each other we’d stop waiting — and intentionally ground into some plans that feel exciting for our family…

As we began to plan (margarita in hand), Brent and I realized we have so many decisions to make right now — yet, we can’t move forward with any of the decisions on their own, because they’re all connected to each other.

For us to move forward with any one of the decisions, it seems we need more information and decisions from other people.

For instance, should we do distance learning for our daughter Violet, or enroll her in in-person school? We’d always planned to start her in kindergarten this fall — but should we wait now instead, since she’ll be dealing with a school environment full of masks and other stressors, which can be so hard for young kids to understand? Not to mention the fear of Covid outbreaks. And the deadline to decide is right around the corner…

The decision about Violet’s school is connected to what we should do with our house. It’s feeling awfully small these days with four of us home all the time! I’m running my business in our family room and Brent is running a membership that serves over 950 people out of our garage. There’s a big real estate boom here in Connecticut, with people running to move out of the cities. Should we sell our house, rent our house, or stay put and build an addition? Should we invest in traveling for now, eat the cost, and just leave our house empty?

Meanwhile, my younger daughter Autumn’s health is really unpredictable these days, and we’re wondering if we should stay put for now to get fully invested with her local medical team. She’s having random back rash flare ups and we can’t figure out what’s causing them.

I realized how many times Brent and I had sat down to talk through these decisions — unprepared for the conversation, NOT accessing the resources I’ve already mastered through my years of leading myself and clients through big life changes and decisions…

There is one decision I made with complete confidence in July, after sitting down for just 1 hour to do an NLP and spiritual visualization practice.

This practice is how I made big decisions in the past like:

  • Leaving NYC.

  • Having kids (aren’t they cute?).

  • How and when to have a 6-figure launch for my signature program, Mentor Masterclass.

By the end of doing the meditation, written NLP practice and collaborating with a few sisters, I knew it was the right time to launch my new sisterhood membership: The Heartwork Collective!

I got clear that today was the day to share it with you, enrollment will open on September 23 — and first, I will give you and every woman on my newsletter list a free month in the membership program, before it officially begins on October 5th! (More about that in a moment.)

Join me for a 1-hour call where I’ll take you through this proven, powerful decision-making process.

Experience The Heartwork Collective’s very first live gathering and get a front row seat to see how supportive these sisterhood coaching calls will be for you and your business (if you have one).

Emergent, Dynamic & Aligned Decisions

Register for free right here.

We’re all so busy holding so much right now — the biggest thing keeping us stuck is that we don’t make time for ourselves. We don’t make time to go deeper and get clear on decisions that could move us forward exponentially, in ways that we never thought possible…

My intention for The Heartwork Collective live experiences is that they act as a boundary, a sacred space, and the missing resource you need to move out of the stuck places inside your mind — and into the expansive wisdom of your connected heart.

Register for our first experience for free right here.

Come to this call with the decision you want to make. By the end of our time together, you’ll have your answer.

You’ll feel empowered to move forward with your decision, no matter what. You’ll get a worksheet to start on right now when you sign up here — and you can bring it with you to this life-changing coaching and sisterhood collaboration call.

Even if you can’t join us live, be sure to register — you’ll get access to the worksheet and replay and have what you need to make your decision whenever you’re ready.

On the call, I’ll share the powerful tools you need to make your decision. You can also invite a loved one involved in the decision-making process.

I’ll also share what Brent and I decided about our home and Violet’s school.

Thank the heavens for this technique! It was really unnecessary sitting in all of that frustration, anxiety and discomfort… waiting around as if someone else was going to make the best decision for me and my family.

Tony Robbins says, “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” I couldn’t agree more…

And you don’t have to face these moments alone — especially now, when so many of us are feeling more isolated than usual. Getting comfortable with emergent strategy and making decisions using the tools I’ll show you is a part of this new world. It’s part of the new way to lead and love our families and our businesses.

It’s the exact way I’ll help members of The Heartwork Collective to grow their business, self-love or impact through personal healing and heart-centered strategy.

It’s time to lean into sisterhood support to become more flexible, yet still grounded — and fully empowered to move forward with a strong sense of discernment.

Life is asking us to become self-starters— and we’re ready to expand our capacity to lead in this way.

Let’s get started together on this powerful group coaching call for an hour… and you’ll walk away with a decision you feel great about.

This event is just the beginning of an amazing month of content and events — so you can experience exactly what it feels like to be part of my new membership program, The Heartwork Collective. My gift to you!

For now, get more details about our decision-making sisterhood event, your pre-call worksheet — and claim your spot on the call right here!

All my love,


P.S. Our upcoming call, Emergent, Dynamic & Aligned Decision Making During Uncertain Times, is the first event in a month-long series of content and events so you’ll know exactly how it feels to be a founding member of my new membership program:

The Heartwork Collective

Grow yourself, business, and impact with personal healing & heart centered strategy & live sisterhood collaboration events.

(Membership opens September 23!)

Think of it as a complimentary month in my membership program — a gift from me to you.
This mastermind of amazing women is all about nourishing structure, step-by-step focus, innovative strategy, and sisterhood. I’ll guide you in connecting with your heart, getting out of the limited mind, and grounding clouded ideas into easeful creation.

You’ll discover simple, consistent actions you can take — plus live events you can use to create space for yourself and the things that most need devotion in your life.

Check out our first event and sign up here!

And then save these graphics and mark your calendar for The Heartwork Collective‘s future events:

decisionsMake aligned decisions in uncertain times


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