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Be Honest. You Don’t Think You Deserve It. But Why?

November 20th, 2018 | no comments

Some women come to work with me in Mentor Masterclass after years of frustration spent trying to run their own business. Others can’t wait to step off of the corporate-career treadmill to try out life coaching and entrepreneurship for the very first time. A few women are fresh out of school and already know they want to pursue life coaching.

The one thing all these women have in common is their newfound devotion to creating sustainable success, in a business that honors their unique gifts, built on an unshakeable foundation of self-care.

I recently invited five incredible women I’ve gotten to know and love over the years as sisters, clients, and colleagues to talk about something very important. I’ve worked with each of these incredible women for a year in Mentor Masterclass, while several went on to work with me in the Captivating Feminine Leadership Mastermind.

I invited Emily, Erika, Kristal, Cristin, and Dawn to publicly discuss something that until now has remained a secret. This conversation is risky, powerful and eye-opening. I can’t wait for you to share this conversation with me and meet these women! PRESS PLAY:


One of the themes we discuss in today’s open conversation, that has come up for each one of these ladies, and that will likely come up for all women trying to do great work in the world as they become a life coach or influencer, is:


The reality of investing in yourself and how to have a healthy relationship with receptivity.


For me, the theme of investing in myself and receptivity comes up when I’m sure I’ve reached my upper limit, used all my resources and tools, and I’m not sure what to do next. No matter what I try, I can’t move or make progress – I recognize I don’t have the resources. I’m stuck!  

Each of these women and I have reached points of decision in our lives. Are we going to spiral out of control? Or are we going to do something? This struggle and ultimate choice to do something new in our lives is what always leads to a breakthrough. That breakthrough is the result of healing around receptivity. What we discuss in today’s video will inspire you to break through to the next level of healing and success.

I always experience healing around receptivity when I invest in myself. This might be a huge financial investment or a massive investment of time and heart. It all feels so challenging at the time, but it also feels clear that the program, mentor, experience or lesson that holds the answer for me is what I’m missing. It’s what I needed to make it to the next stage and space in my business (and sometimes, my life).

At the 3-minute mark in the video, I share the questions and doubts that sometimes cloud my excitement around these big investments.

  • Am I ready?
  • Do I really have what it takes to do this?
  • Is this even what I want to do?
  • Do I deserve this?
  • Can I actually invest this amount of money?
  • Can I take time away from everything else in my life to grow this new part of myself?
  • How? How can I do all of the things I need to do to receive this?


All of these questions came up for me at three pivotal points in my life: when I joined my first life coach training program, when I joined a powerful year-long mastermind full of influencers in our field, and when I decided to hire a high-level support team to help run my business. (Hop over to the 3:30 point in the video where I share all about these three moments.)

It was such a challenge to break through the barriers the questions above created. To heal my receptivity issues, time stressors, and money issues, and emerge on the other side. It was the only way to bring these new things I needed into my life. I learned to receive support in a new way that was completely uncomfortable for me!

As a result, this theme of healing receptivity and investing in yourself has become a focus in how I coach and work with all of my students inside Mentor Masterclass.

And now I can’t wait for you to hear their powerful stories of healing receptivity. I have a feeling they’ll resonate deeply with you and give you the motivation and clarity you need to move forward with passionate resolve!


Erika Graiff @becoming.luminous.women shares about how she had no idea she even had a receptivity problem! Erika already had a business before she joined Mentor Masterclass, but she was frustrated she wasn’t experiencing the success she’d hoped for, for so long.

Erika felt like she’d tried everything, but nothing she’d learned along the way held the solutions she needed or empowered her to create a brand that was truly her own. She wondered if maybe she just needed to advertise more, get another certification, or maybe even close up shop altogether.

Jump over to the 6:42 point in the video to learn what Mentor Masterclass inspired her to try instead. (And spoiler alert: it worked!)


Dawn Wotherspoon @evolvewithdawn had been running her business for 13 years when she joined Mentor Masterclass. She’d invested plenty in her business, but she’d never given herself permission to fully invest in herself.

Mentor Masterclass came into her awareness, but she felt she didn’t have the time or money to invest in this. Press play on the video above and skip to the 11:45 point in the video, where Dawn shares what made her take the leap of faith, join Mentor Masterclass, invest her business, and finally – finally – invest in herself.


Kristal Venable @coachkristalsage was raised to believe that if you received something, you had to give something in return.

That might sound like it makes sense on the surface, but there will be times in each of our lives when we deserve a no-strings-attached gift that enables us to take care of ourselves.

Then last year, Kristal won our Mentor Masterclass scholarship through her participation in the Holiday Challenge. The Universe was teaching Kristal a lesson about how to receive. Was she up for the challenge? Hear her explain it all herself at the 18-minute mark in the video.


Cristin Zegers @cristinzegers had many breakthroughs throughout her time in Mentor Masterclass, and she shares that one of her favorites is this truth: “The feminine is the receptive. The masculine is the giving.”

Another breakthrough: “Men don’t have trouble receiving, why do we?”

Cristin came to Mentor Masterclass after being a stay-at-home mom for 13 years – she’d had three children in three years. Like so many mothers, she’d been called to give, give, give. Her biggest hurdle in giving herself permission to join Mentor Masterclass was seeking out the answer to the question, “Is this a responsible use of our family’s resources, and of my own energy as a parent?” Cristin shares what she discovered about showing up in the world authentically, boldly, and with a much greater impact. “This is what I deserve,” she told us. “And it’s essential.” 25 minutes into the video, she shares her story like only she can.


Emily Cassel @emilycasselofficial has undergone a massive transition over the last few years. She left her full-time job to become a women’s leadership coach and now travels around the world full-time, working from everywhere.

Emily came into Mentor Masterclass looking for the technical training around coaching, business, and how to take care of herself. Ironically, her history of being an overachiever often kept her stuck. Buried under everything she’d committed herself to, she had never reached her full potential.

Mentor Masterclass inspired her to create a life of freedom in every way: time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom, and more. She shares what she remembers from our very first conversation, and the way she wanted her life to turn out. Her goals back then were very specific!  Did she meet them? Emily tells her story at the 32:30 point in the video.

And what about you, sister? What is your story? And what might it look like one year from now? How about five or 10 years into the future? You already know you’re here for something bigger. You’re ready to be of service and a beacon of light for positive change.

Whether you’re on the path already, or don’t know where to take the next step, you’ve found your way here, witnessing this virtual sister circle. If you’re like me and don’t believe in accidents, then maybe you’ve finally found what you’ve been looking for – just like Emily, Erika, Kristal, Cristin, Dawn, and countless others around the world who took the leap, and finally created the lives they’d always wanted.

If you’re feeling that unmistakable sense of YES from deep inside, why not apply to Mentor Masterclass, right here? I can’t wait to read your application and begin our journey together.

All my love,


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