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You+Me+Heather= Dinner Date on 5/9?

April 28th, 2020 | no comments

If you missed it, I pushed pause on the podcast and all free content for now. I shared the details of why in this IGTV.

With this new space and inspiration I’m working on higher-quality content and ways of supporting you that are current and relevant. I came up with something to replace our intimate walk this week in honor of Mother’s Day! You’re invited to join me for an online class to cook, connect, and laugh with like-minded women who are craving deeper connection during this isolated time.

Last week I emailed you and asked: What feels like a new challenge that you desire support around in your personal life or business?

My friend Heather (food coach for ambitious women) hit reply and we had a total sisterhood VENT session.

She gave me permission to share the details with you:

It felt like Day 3045 of quarantine and she was just OVER it. 

  • She tried to shoot a video and accidentally deleted a bunch of footage…she’ll have to do it all over again next week when she has time.

  • She tried to make a slide deck for a project she’s working on and the goddamn text boxes would not format right.

  • She tried to get in a 20-minute workout. Charlotte (her 1 yr old)– who is normally totally cool to play by herself while she works out — was NOT having it. She just screamed her head off.

  • She got off the bike, went to scoop her up from her play area, and mouthed “F#&*!”…but instead of mouthing it? It came out as a LOUD involuntary SCREEEEEEAM.

Her husband Peter even poked his head out of the office from his conference call, just as surprised as her that this bobcat-being-attacked-in-the-woods noise erupted from her lungs.

Then she sat down and just cried right along with her daughter.

Look, like Heather, I’m incredibly grateful that everyone in my family is healthy and safe.

I’m also aware of the trauma we are experiencing. It’s not a Capital T trauma (it’s lowercase t) which is the SNEAKY one.

My bathroom floor moment caught up with me too. I began weeping for the hundreds of thousands of women who are small business owners around the world. These trailblazers are having to shut down their dreams, feeling uncertain and alone. I know it’s just for now, and the reality is it’s heartbreaking, the loss of life and freedom this virus is causing.

Working in the home all day with no childcare support and cooking dinner every single night can be exhausting and monotonous. What’s worse is all that is happening beneath the surface that we are not really talking about in a meaningful way. A way that allows us to move energy, create passionate resolve and heal. Together.

While Heather and I are actually quite used to #quarantinelife — we’ve been working from home for almost a decade — we are both longing for sisterhood connection and play.

Really just any way to connect.

I called Heather on FaceTime and I asked her 2 simple questions that made her feel instantly more present and connected. She said it took her out of her head and back into her body.

Then I asked her how to pan sear my salmon filet and she gave me a tip that SAVED my lunch! We vented while nursing both of our babies and laughed at how normal it’s become to have both our boobs hanging out!

Everyone is holding a LOT right now. Keeping ourselves and our family safe, making sure there’s enough food and everyone’s fed, working + parenting full time with no childcare.

And if you live in the East Coast where we do, the friggin’ weather sucks, hello, it’s the end of April. Can I stop wearing my hooded parka please?

After our vent, Heather and I asked ourselves, “if things were ‘normal’ what would we LOVE to do right now?

We agreed we’d get together with our families and make one of our favorite big batch meals, my signature Chicken Tortilla Soup

Then we’d cuddle on the couch with some tea and dig into each other’s lives. What’s really going on in work, life, motherhood? What are we not saying that we need to say? Where do we need support? Advice?

So…we’re doing it! Virtually. And you’re invited.

On Saturday, May 9th we’re hosting a Sisterhood Dinner Ritual.

In this virtual Zoom gathering, we’ll show you how to prepare a nice warm, colorful pot of this mouthwatering soup — that just gets better and better with each day. While we wait for our meal to simmer, boil, and infuse itself with flavor, I’ll walk us through simple yet powerful practices to recharge.

I’ll lead you through a deep and meaningful sisterhood connection practice, live in our virtual kitchen with other ambitious soulful women. Heather will teach you some simple time-saving tricks that will cut your meal prep time in half.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, the 10th! Take advantage of all you deserve (momma or not) and ask for 90 minutes of uninterrupted time to yourself. It’s an easy sale… tell your family you need this self care time AND you’re making them an award winning (no joke) meal that will become a new favorite for years to come (so selfless of you)! If you’re single, I envy you my sovereign queen.

In this 90-minute class you’ll also:

  • Make a nourishing meal that can feed you and your family all week: An addictive Chicken Tortilla Soup

  • Connect with women like you who are sick of surface-level conversations and crave depth

  • Learn the simple daily question that will instantly ground you — no matter how crazy your day has felt

  • Feel recognized for how f*cking hard you’re working — from women who get it 

  • Transform meal time from stressful overwhelm to revitalizing ritual

Virtual Sisterhood Supper Club Dinner Date

No need to worry about having perfect quiet time. If the kids are around and climbing on you, or your partner is lonely, no sweat! It’s kind of the name of the game these days. Just come.

If you can’t get all of your ingredients on time? Again, don’t worry. Just come and you can enjoy the sisterhood connection and follow the recipe later, which we’ll send out the morning after the class.

Virtual Sisterhood Supper Club Dinner Date

I know you feel like there is no time for you in between all that has to get done in a day. I’ll show you how you can turn things you have to get done into a self care practice that will quiet your mind.

This dinner ritual will bring you into your heart and invite you to process what’s real with beautiful women like you going through the same things around the world. Plus, you’ll leave our time together with dinner ready and extra for the rest of the week.

Sign up here for the class and instantly get:

  • The link to join this virtual Zoom class

  • The shopping list for my addictive-yet-healthy, competition-winning (seriously) Chicken Tortilla Soup (with vegan and paleo alternatives included)

I can’t wait to see you, hang out with you and cook my favorite dish with the brilliant Heather Pierce!


P.S. If you join us live for the Sisterhood Supper Club we’ll get to talk about:




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