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Your Limiting Beliefs Could Make You Poor

October 10th, 2012 | no comments

Today Jey And Shay Want YOU to be Rich:

Your Limiting Beliefs Could Make You Poor

“We Believe You Deserve to RSVP to Your BEST Life.”




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Beliefs are why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. What pattern and cycle have you chosen for your destiny? Play detective. You may not even know what you have created for your future by your own beliefs up to this moment in time. Watch today’s video to discover how your unique beliefs make your goals reality or a distant dream. Take control and invite to your life with us on this Happy Wednesday.


Are You Rich or Poor?

Shay and I show you how you can set yourself on a different path and understand that not all beliefs are true. Especially the limiting beliefs whispering about in you head.


You know the ones I’m talking about:

“Ill never be who I want to be”.

“I don’t have what it takes.”

“I’m not good enough”

“I’m stupid and lazy”

“I’ll never find someone to love me”


The World is Not Against You my Friend

You are working hard to keep yourself from abundance by searching for proof to support negative beliefs about yourself. I know what you are up to, I have been there. I used to blame the world for giving me such a tough life. I blamed my family and their faults as the reason for why I would never be who I dreamed of being. I blamed the universe and karma for never gifting me luck and ease along the way. I blamed the guys I was dating for being total idiots and not loving me so I could give them all the love in my heart I had to share. I blamed my family genes for being overweight and not as pretty as the other girls.

Today I’m giving you a wake up call. The same one I experienced years ago and continue to actively create as I go along. Get on your own team, I’m here to coach you how.


Create and Support a New Belief

When success is hard to find it’s not the world playing hide and seek with you, it’s your empowering beliefs. Beliefs are a reflection of thoughts we hold to be true based on our life experience. I was born into a tribe of people with strong addictions, destructive behavior, and limited ability to express love.

I chose to lift my eyes.

I wanted to see what else was possible beyond what was put in front of me. I began building a stronger foundation of belief by looking for other experiences and searching for a more empowering truth.

Seek and you shall find.

I began to reach up and search for more to help me out of that deep dark pit. I noticed there were people there to help me, tools I could use, ladders I could easily climb.

  • Who do you surround yourself with?
  • Where do you look to discover what is possible in life?
  • What situations do you put yourself in?
  • What kind of books do you read?
  • Who do you talk to?
  • What stories do you listen to?
  • How do you get inspired?
  • Have you tried lifting your eyes and asking for help?

Observe your world and look to create a new belief that makes your goals and dreams possible. Create new thoughts and experiences that make it impossible not to achieve everything you desire. There are people like me all ready, willing and excited to invite you to join a new tribe.

Limiting Beliefs Are Sneaky

I see a world where anything is possible and magic can happen. I know myself to be resilient, passionate, beautiful, healthy and successful now. This is what I believe about myself and about the world we live in. I take time to put my detective gear on and search for those limiting beliefs often. I know that personal power was not always natural for me. I choose to play hard to keep flying.

I fly now friends (What could be better than that?) and so can you.


3 Steps to Beliefs That Will Make You Fly

  1. Discover and Re-frame your negative limiting beliefs by looking for proof to prove them wrong.
  2. Create a new belief and look for experiences to support it.
  3. New belief+Greater Potential+Massive Action= Better Results+Stronger Beliefs (the cycle continues on) = A RICH AND HAPPY LIFE


Shay and I want to support you AND we want to HEAR from you.



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When success is hard to find, it’s not the world playing hide & seek. It’s your empowering beliefs.

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