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You’re Holding Yourself Back in Your Life Coach Career When You Stay Stuck Playing By the Rules. 2 Ways to Shift Your Thinking!

October 2nd, 2018 | 2 comments

If you ever have big, bold ideas but then struggle to follow through with them, today’s Wake Up Wednesday Q&A will resonate with you! Each month a member of our tribe stops by to jam on a burning question that’s been on her mind – one that we all can learn from.

Here is today’s question:

“My challenge is maintaining discipline in my follow-through with my goals and aspirations. I get big ideas but seem to drop very fast with my mental and physical energy. I find it challenging to push through and yet when I give myself space to rest and restore I find it difficult to get back into the swing of things. How can I move through this?”

Are you nodding your head YES, like I was when I heard this question? Don’t let your ideas and inspiration sit on the shelf for another year, a week, or even a day. PRESS PLAY on the video below:

I’m so glad Sandra stopped by to ask this, especially since she’s been a member of our Wake Up Wednesday sister tribe since 2013!

Sandra creates art that comes to her through meditation, and her dream is to become a best-selling author. Currently she writes articles about alternative methods to overcoming mental health challenges and blogs about deep reflection and personal growth.

Sandra’s question spoke to me because there are always those big, breakthrough ideas and goals we have – but then there’s also real life and the cycles of emotion we experience as women. How can we continue to go after these big dreams when it feels like life is getting in the way? What does it really mean to have discipline during these times?

I love how Sandra is so transparent about wanting to honor herself and take some much-needed space for herself, but then she feels knocked off of her trailblazer energy. Sandra has even felt called to join Mentor Masterclass over the years, but her bigger fears and questions seem to hold her back as she considers a life coach career and making big shifts in her work.

This is exactly why I am still intimately involved in coaching the women inside Mentor Masterclass, my signature program. It’s more than a coaching school for women, it’s a place for radical transformation and deep healing in one year’s time. Becoming an entrepreneur, feminine leader and Girl Boss is much more challenging than learning coaching skills and marketing techniques. It requires self-responsibility and a willingness to go deep into your psyche to discover and HEAL the real things that are holding you back from creating sustainable success.

In today’s video Sandra is so beautifully self-aware as explains how, for example, she wonders how she’ll keep from disappointing her potential coaching clients if she can’t find a way to balance her energy so she’s not running on empty.

At the 2:45 point in the video, Sandra explains how, for example, she wonders how she’ll keep from disappointing her potential coaching clients if she can’t find a way to balance her energy so she’s not running on empty.

As women CEOs (which is exactly what we are when we start coaching businesses), we all need to:

  • Learn to self-nurture

  • Go through a self-discovery process so we can “walk our talk”

  • Feel the confidence to run our businesses our way

…It’s the whole reason Mentor Masterclass is structured in such a specific way over the course of the year.

Did you know that as you discover your truths, they can become the foundation of your business? For Sandra, her need to preserve her energy, and her devotion to serving her clients and showing up for them, can all be the very things she designs her coaching practice around.

Curiosity and noticing patterns about yourself is important, but never forget you can create new patterns and live by those instead.

Whenever blocks or resistance come up for you, remember these two truths:

1. Goals, aspirations, disciplines, and structures should be used to support your freedom and independent thinking. (I unpack this at the 6:00 mark in the video.)

If you have a goal, asirporation, discipline or structure that just isn’t working for you, stop and ask yourself whether it’s supporting your freedom and independent thinking.

If something new you’re trying to implement in your life supports your freedom and independent thinking, you wouldn’t be burning out! It would be coming much more naturally to you, because your motivation would be attached to your pleasure.

Sandra mentions how it’s challenging to “push through” when she’s feeling unmotivated – and she’s right! “Pushing through” is just playing by an outdated set of rules created by the patriarchy, and doesn’t honor our intuition or allow for deep nurturing of our emotions during the process.

So start keeping an eye out for patterns in your life and work, and determine whether the disciplines you’re trying to put into place are in service of your freedom and independent thinking – or whether you’re just playing by the rules.

What’s causing your energy drops (or however your blocks show up in your life)? Keep asking yourself this and remember that curiosity is your biggest asset!

I also drop into a bonus coaching tool straight from Mentor Masterclass: how to track your cycle, moods and more as a feminine leader. What a great place to bring your curiosity to. (Hop over to the 13:50 mark in the video to hear me explain the four phases and how your physical and mental hormones go through a shift.

2. Let the way you want to feel be the guide for your goals. (We dive deep into this truth at the 17:00 point in the video.)

Here’s my own example: I know I want to feel financially free and do work that I love. So, my overarching goal was to create a life coach career. But I knew I needed to honor my feelings on a day-to-day basis, too. That meant I had to pause on a regular basis and ask myself, “How can I pursue my dream in a way that honors this moment?” There was no “pushing through” involved!

When you begin to have a clear relationship to your feelings in both the overview and the daily view, your priorities will begin to influence your strategic planning. You’ll know what you need to work through to get to that greater goal, and you’ll see that you have the power to do this in a way that honors how you feel and what you need today.

What about you, sister? Are you going after your goals in a way that honors your freedom and independent thinking? Are you letting the way you want to feel be the guide for your goals? Let me know all about it in the comments – Sandra and I will read every one!

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All my love,


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  1. thanks, this was good. you mentioned a couple books you would recommend for being curious about the effects of our cycles…but i didn’t see these posted. can you please let us know what they are? Thanks!

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