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You’re Invited to The Heartwork Holiday! Seven Days of Nourishment, Joy, Balance & Sisterhood

November 24th, 2020 | no comments

All I want this holiday season is…

To be comfortable in the expression and experience of my full range.

Acceptance of the life training I’m receiving to embrace PARADOX as healthy.

To remember that opposing roles and conflicting desires are sacred teachings of YIN and YANG, here to bring me to more intimacy and union with those I love and life

To allow myself to collapse in this complex system, so that something new can be born and my capacity for leadership can expand.

To be brave in my discernment and my devotion to not oversimplifying life and to stretch into all of the complicated places with ease

To know that paradox, mess, and range are all part of my conscious evolution.

At first I felt so much resistance around how different the holiday season was going to feel this year.

If we couldn’t keep our Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions, what was the point? Is there even a holiday season if everything feels so uncertain?

The answer is… YES, there IS a holiday season. Because we burn it all down and start something new!

We get to embrace things as they are this year, and lean into how different they’re going to feel. Transformation.

I’m kind of an expert in creating transformational, live giving, game changing holiday experiences.

Would you like to be part of a new holiday ritual with me this year?

You’re Invited to The Heartwork Holiday! Seven Days of Nourishment, Joy, Balance & Sisterhood

Inside our Heartwork Membership community, we’re closing out this challenging year feeling grateful, inspired, full of ease, happy, and joyful — despite all of the challenges swirling around us.

Everybody’s nervous systems are SHOT. We deserve and NEED to take time to heal, nourish and rest with new inspiration and support.

Creating a place of certainty, inspiration and opportunity within the new ways of being able to do things is the most important devotion we can lean into as we close out 2020.

And I’m excited to curate this powerful experience to support you: The Heartwork Holiday — seven days of nourishment, joy, balance, and sisterhood…

The seven 30-minute LIVE lunchtime calls (each with a soulful celebrity mentor guest!) are easy to fit right into your life.

If you’re thinking of joining us, here are some need-to-know details:

December 7th. To start the month, you’ll fill out the emergent survey so I can customize and curate our Heartwork Holiday commitment around your biggest desires and greatest challenges. I’ll share with you the collective threads emerging from the women who are committed to joining and who we’ll be working with for the month.

December 14th-20th. We’ll be in practice together every day, with a new simple action and devotion. This week will help each of you in the Collective to take better care of yourselves, start new traditions, and nourish yourself and your family through the holidays. We’ll start off with our normal 1-hour sisterhood call and kick off the Heartwork Holiday.

Every day that week you’ll join me — and a new soulful, empowering woman leader each day — live on Zoom for 15 minutes to receive your challenge of the day. We’ll learn and participate together in sisterhood with a new practice each day.

This year is extra-special because we get to be LIVE! These calls will be at lunchtime each day, and will be recorded as well for women inside the Collective.

Then on December 20th, we’ll close with our Winter Solstice Heartwork Collective® Quarterly Virtual Retreat.

Because this devotional practice is being created for the Heartwork Collective members, it will only be about your self-care and creating a memorable, life-changing experience for you. It will not include any program launching or sales calls!

If you’d only like to join for the month of December and experience the new holiday challenge with us live, you can join now for just $44. And if you’d like to join us for the Heartwork Holiday only, you can cancel anytime.

You’ll receive the live calls, daily practices, recordings of all our previous events, AND the virtual Winter Solstice Retreat, all for $44…

It’s also your last chance to join The Heartwork Collective® at the founding member’s pricing — membership rates will increase in January 2021, but you’ll have your founding members’ rate locked in for life.

Let’s continue our sisterhood holiday tradition together! Be sure to start your Heartwork Collective trial membership by December 6 at 5:00pm Eastern so you’ll automatically save your spot in the Heartwork Holiday.

All my love,


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