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Changing The World As a Life Coach Is Hard. Here’s Why You Should Celebrate!

August 16th, 2016 | 2 comments

So often we don’t take time to acknowledge the work we’ve done. Instead, we continually beat ourselves up about what we’re not doing.

Feminine leadership and running your own business is about feeling good while making lasting change in the world.

Yes, it’s great to be a go-getter and accomplish amazing things. But what is the point if you don’t enjoy the process and who you’ve become as a result of this bold action?

Not celebrating is actually hurting your process in the end. When we celebrate what we have accomplished, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Coaching teaches us that we realign neuro pathways that tell us this is good. And when those pathways realign, whatever action we took becomes a new habit, formed because what we have done has created pleasure for us. Our brains will automatically have us seek out pleasure.

If we don’t celebrate and the task was a challenge, we create a pain path—and this is something we will do everything in our power to avoid.

When we celebrate, we’re actually creating a new habit. We’ll naturally continue creating results as we’re seeking the pleasure of the celebration.

The creation of your coaching business should be pleasurable! If you want your clients to continue with these actions in the future, the completed actions you define for clients in your sessions should be celebrated.

Plus, what a beautiful gift to your clients: to learn the true art of celebration in your own life first and then master the tool so you can bring it into your sessions.

Changing the world as a life coach

What Is The Celebration Technique?

The Celebration Technique is a rock star move you must bust out every time your client follows through on commitments or breaks through any tough challenges. This is my favorite part of coaching. When your client takes massive action you MUST celebrate properly with them.

What do I mean by celebrate properly?

Yes, my light warrior coach, there is an official way to celebrate with your client that will lock in and reinforce them taking this kind of action again and again and again!

If you can get them to do that, you will have new clients knocking down your door screaming, “I want the life that that girl’s got!”

Plus, I guarantee that most of the time your client will not celebrate at all so when you see them working hard, breaking through obstacles and transforming, make them celebrate!

How to Coach Your Client to Celebrate

1. Plan the Perfect Moment to Celebrate

This is totally simple. Ask your superstar client to do something kind for him or herself. It should be something that is fun and joyful for your client to do. You can coach them through picking a celebration that is of equal energy to the size of their accomplishment.

2. Ask The Celebration Questions

This is the VITAL and the KEY TO SUCCESS portion of the Celebration Technique. Your client MUST answer these questions when they are celebrating.

This means there is a specific way in which they are to celebrate. Right in the midst of taking action on the idea of pleasure you came up with for them, they need to answer these questions. They can do this internally, OR I recommend asking them to share the answers with a loved one or close friend (the bartender or yoga teacher could totally work too).

What am I celebrating?
  • Why is that worth celebrating?

  • Why was it an important goal to achieve (an important thing to do)?

  • How does that make me feel?

  • What did I do to achieve that goal?

  • Who have I become in this process?

Because I LOVE to celebrate with my clients I also make them answer these questions LIVE in our session. The answers are always deeply profound and heart opening.

Best of all: when you decide to implement these celebrations with your clients, I guarantee you’ll both have more fun. (That’s really something to celebrate!)

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