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How To Balance the Masculine and Feminine Aspects of Coaching a Client

May 9th, 2017 | 2 comments

In the very early stages of building my coaching business I centered my life around the core concepts of the masculine. My mentor was a man and my training never once mentioned anything about female cycles, self-care and inner wisdom. I credit some of my accomplishments to the masculine approach and it is part of the reason I was invited to be interviewed for a New York Times cover story about becoming a life coach.

During the process of the interview, I was transitioning out of the masculine and discovering new concepts and techniques that were centered on ritual, intuition and devotion. I joined a mastermind that same month with 16 other brilliant and supportive women. I discovered sisterhood. I was opening my eyes to the divine feminine. It’s the secondary reason my photo was chosen for the cover page story.

So you see, both the masculine and feminine approach to life are important and valuable. Our world needs these energies in tandem to support growth, connection and evolution.

I’m so excited to share this week’s coaching business Q&A, where one of the ladies from our tribe brings me her most burning biz question – and everyone gets to learn along with us while we jam on it, live!


When you push play on today’s video you’ll get to meet Isabelle Bridges, a mother of two beautiful children who rock her world and an intuitive life coach who works exclusively with moms. Belle is the founder of Mom-Me Circle an empowered community where new mothers can connect with one another.

As I’ve become a mom myself, I’ve attracted even more moms into my all-in life coach training program, Mentor Masterclass. And I love it! During our year together in the program, I get to learn as I soak up their wisdom about the tough stuff like work/life balance and boundaries, and share my own revelations as well. Belle is a soon-to-be graduate of Mentor Masterclass, and the question she brought to me today comes up a lot for the women I serve:

“How do I balance the masculine and feminine aspects of coaching a client?  For example, striving to do better, getting more done, faster… vs being, flowing with emotion, intuition and feeling?”

Brilliant question! How do we choose where we need to direct our focus in a moment of decision or challenge? And as coaches, what resources or approaches should we take with our clients?

That’s what we are talking about in today’s video.

It comes up for me again and again as I teach my students how to step out of the masculine lone warrior stance when the time is right and lean into the inviting new awareness of their feminine power.

In today’s video you’ll drop in on my conversation with Belle, and learn:

  • Why neither the masculine nor the feminine is good or bad, or better than the other – and the negative consequences of getting stuck in that mindset. (If you’d like to skip straight to this point in today’s video, you’ll find it at the 2:39 mark.)

  • A useful review of the core concept of coaching and how the masculine and feminine will both play a role in your work. (3:30)

  • What we even mean when we use the terms “masculine” and “feminine.” I’ve simplified each down to just one powerful concept. (5:00)

  • And so much more!

I’m interested in a new way of experiencing life and doing business. And so I’ve been actively creating a business built on feminine and tribal leadership. I’ve also been teaching these skills inside Mentor Masterclass, my signature all-in certification and life coach training program for women. If you’re interested in receiving support around integrating a balance of masculine and feminine into building your coaching business, you can apply to join Mentor Masterclass here.

Now I’d love to hear from you…

What are your questions around how to bring both the masculine and feminine into your coaching sessions and into your life?  How do you choose between using a masculine or feminine coaching technique with your clients? Drop them in the comments below and let’s dive into a collective conversation held in sisterhood.

All my love,


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  1. This really resonated with me! I loved how Jeannine clarified the difference between the feminine and masculine techniques (thank you!). I recently spoke with a client who had a major shift from a masculine goal to a feminine goal. She thought success was about getting to the finish line but after much internal work created a new goal of staying present and nurturing her feminine side/spirituality side. That became enough.

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