How To Come Out Of Hiding And Start Shining

I’m Afraid To Shine Because Of Camel toe   When I was in middle school I was overweight and I loved show choir. I was NOT very popular or glamorous. It was a “Glee like”, slushie in the face, kind of experience. Truly, there were… READ MORE

Why Relationship Coaching Really Turns Me On

The way I chose to begin teaching this week may have triggered a few of the women in Mentor Masterclass.   This month I’m teaching every coaching tool, technique, conversation model, meditation and strategy they need to know to master relationship coaching with their clients…. READ MORE

The Love Story I Forgot To Share With You

Wow. It’s been one week since my “Themes Change Everything” live virtual hangout and I am still walking on clouds. More than 300 soul inspiring women joined me to learn a new way of planning for 2014, hear my declaration of GENEROSITY as my theme… READ MORE