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What Do Your Clients Really Think of Your Offerings?

July 31st, 2018 | 2 comments

I just launched a new training and I’ve been so emotional about it. Why? Because for a hot second I forgot that when you launch something brand new you need to go into it with a detective-like playful spirit and a willingness to receive feedback. Getting feedback from your clients is the only way to know why things are selling or not selling so you can repeat what went well or make adjustments for sales to go better.

While recording today’s special episode for you, I woke up and snapped out of the emotional chaos and INTO passionate resolve.  

What if you could find out for sure whether your programs, offerings, and coaching sessions were actually helping your clients in the way you’d envisioned? Well, I’ve got great news (especially for everyone who geeks out about tools as much as I do): there’s a set of tools to help you do exactly that!

For this month’s Sister Spotlight, I’m connecting you with the amazing Melissa Becce, a Mentor Masterclass grad, Johns Hopkins-educated program evaluator, and coach with over 12 years of experience. She helps coaches and entrepreneurs around the world master the tools and techniques of evaluation to create, improve, and refine their programs with soul and spirit.

Why is it so important to bring program evaluation techniques to coaches and entrepreneurs? (Jump to the 1:30 mark in the video to hear Melissa share it in her own words)


Program evaluation is vital for coaches and entrepreneurs because it

  • Equips you to figure out whether your programs are having the desired effect on your clients.

  • Teaches you to gather important data on your clients’ experiences and implement feedback so your programs have the powerful results you know they should.

  • Empowers you to get your offerings off the ground with organizational and legal tools already in place.

Melissa is passionate about using both data-driven and spiritual tools to learn more about what our clients really need. I love how she merges tools from the spaces of logic and spirituality. This is powerful stuff!

Melissa has gathered all of this information into her signature program, Elemental Evaluation. And she’s sharing a module from this course with us here on Wake Up Wednesday – for free!

Sign up for Melissa’s mailing list and receive a free copy of Design Your Perfect Program with the Chakras. A series of questions will walk you through ways to create an effective and powerful program using the Chakras as a powerful guide.

Melissa’s clients have used this series of questions to identify where to focus their energies and resources and find out where there are gaps in their program planning. Now you can use it for your own program planning – all for free!

You’ll love this peek into her 7-week online workshop, Elemental Evaluation, that grounds soulful entrepreneurs in practical and spiritual tools and techniques for intentional program design, evaluation, and improvement. The full-length course is limited to 15 people who are committed and excited to immerse themselves in this unique approach to planning and feedback while receiving personalized support for themselves and for their business.

Melissa has seen her clients experience beautiful breakthroughs just from implementing this free module, Design Your Perfect Program with the Chakras. (She talks about this at the 6:45 point in the video above). Her clients have learned how to:

  • Strengthen areas they need to improve within their programs.

  • Answer the question “What makes my program special and different?” much more clearly.

  • Reorganize their offerings to have the impact on their clients they actually want them to experience.

  • And so much more.

These questions dig deep, but Melissa designed them in such a brilliant way that you can dive in and complete them today (I did!). This exercise even inspired me to look more deeply at Mentor Masterclass, which I’ve been running successfully for years. Design Your Perfect Program with the Chakras made me feel into whether there are areas of the program I might one day rearrange or refine. And it all felt empowering, never overwhelming or intimidating!

Who will find these evaluation tools most helpful?

Program evaluation tools can be used at any point in the course/offering design process! If your program is still at the inspiration-only stage, you can use these tools to ask the questions that help you design your program. When you create your evaluation and feedback tools at the same time you’re creating your program, they’re even more powerful! (Melissa explains this at the 4:30 mark in the video above.)

If you already have a program out in the world that you’d like to improve, tweak, or just evaluate to make sure it’s having the powerful impact you know it should, these program evaluation tools will be a game-changer for you, too.

You’ll gather data on your clients’ experiences to learn more about their experiences in both the short term and the long term, then use this information to customize your offerings even more, bringing your clients results like they’ve never seen before.

I can’t wait to hear all about what you’ve learned from this beautiful exercise from Melissa! I know you’ll love this as much as I did. Make sure you come back and share after you’ve implemented Melissa’s free module, Design Your Perfect Program with the Chakras.

All my love,


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