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What kind of life coach training program is best for me?

August 2nd, 2016 | 3 comments
“Every life coach training program I find online seems to be different! How do I know which program is right for me?”

Beautiful question, right? And it comes from Tina Lensing, a transition coach who works with her clients around the big changes in their lives. A new job, phase of life, or any kind of identity change where you can feel yourself transitioning. Tina supports people through life’s craziest times!

For our special Q&A episodes, I love to invite one of the sisters from our tribe to drop in with a burning question, and I so appreciate Tina taking the time to do that!

Now, onto the answer. 🙂 Press play on the video below to check it out!

The topic of online life coach training programs is of course very close to my heart. In my journey to create my own premium life coach training program, Mentor Masterclass, I realized I’d gained so much knowledge through my own past search for the perfect program.

Back when I set out to find the best training available, I ended up taking several training programs. Some were hugely valuable, while I didn’t utilize others at all. So I know the paralysis that can come with your search, especially because there are many more life coach training programs on the market today than there were just a few years ago.

The first step is to do your research and really figure out the differences between all the programs you’re considering.

It’s important to remember that this doesn’t end with reading a sales page! You might have to reach out and jump on phone with the instructor, curator, or whoever can answer the question, What makes this life coach training program different?

I also have some key details to be on the lookout for (feel free to skip to the point in the video where we dive into each topic):

  • Is the program old-fashioned or cutting-edge? I explain exactly what I mean by that at the 2:43 point in the video.

  • What certifications does the program offer? At 3:49 in the video above, I dig into the importance (or lack of importance) of certifications, and what they really mean within the coaching industry—you might be surprised!

  • Are you a solo learner or do you require support? There are plenty of options out there for both types of learners, but which format would be best for you? (5:34)

  • Who created the program and who’s running it? What’s their theme and approach to teaching? Are you two aligned? (6:30)

  • Does the training program teach you about the business of life coaching, how to coach clients, or both? This is something you’ll want to get clear on before you invest! At 7:12, I explain the differences between these kinds of programs, and the limiting beliefs and thoughts that can come up for you if you choose a program that’s the wrong fit.

I also share my own opinions with you when it comes to what kind of program you should choose. (This all starts at the 9:15 point in the video.)

Tina and I also get to chat about how she feels about what she’s learned today, what my favorite mentor is still teaching as the years go on, and more.

Click on the video above, then comment below so we can keep the discussion going and I can answer any questions you have about the different kinds of life coaching programs out there!

All my love,


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3 people have commented
  1. Jey, I’m really glad I’ve chosen MMclass as my coaching training 🙂 As you know I had some doubts about the certification. I thought I need this kind of confirmation of my skills. But now, when I’m almost finishing the program, I really think, embodying the tools and techniques and practising them with clients is the key to feel confident as a coach. At least for me 🙂 Your program is truely amazing and I recommend it from the bottom of my heart to any women who wants to become a really good coach.

  2. I chose Mentor Masterclass because:

    1) I loved how much amazing, and cutting edge technical content we were to cover
    2) I loved that it is both a virtual, do it in my own time program AND a sisterhood of support to keep me IN it the whole way
    3) I felt supported in that the program gave me wings to fly solo right away with prospecting tips, and marketing strategies in this new-to-me-industry
    4) After having a chance to talk with you directly Jey, I felt extremely confident in your leadership and loving support. I could feel your wisdom and wanted to soak it up!

    I just sent one of my clients to go compare other programs based on your guidelines here. I don’t know if she’ll be able to find anything else that feels as complete and supportive to growth as this program does! But if she does, I know that with your guidance, she will be making an informed choice.

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