How do I attract the right clients?

It’s another Wake Up Wednesday Q&A episode, where one of our sisters comes to jam with me about a question that’s been on her mind about her life coaching business. They’re always insightful and helpful—today’s is no exception. It’s part of the foundation for anyone’s… READ MORE

How To Work With Your Client’s Unconscious Mind

Do you ever wish you could tap into your client’s unconscious mind? You’d have instant access to all of her one-of-a-kind creativity and deep intuition? Imagine the breakthroughs you could have! If you’ve never tried this with your clients, you’re definitely not alone. Most coaches… READ MORE

How To Create a Vivid Vision For Your Business

As business owners (or aspiring business owners), we all have goals, right? That’s a given. I find I go through stages in my life where my goals are clear and other times when I’m pretty confused about what exactly I want. In truth, after the… READ MORE

How To Build Your Dream Team

If your coaching business is a one-woman show, it means you’re wearing a lot of different hats. Especially when you’re first starting out, you might find yourself doing absolutely everything! Social media, email systems, branding, strategizing, billing, bookkeeping, masterminding… alongside all your other commitments. All… READ MORE